Video - Using a Grass Colourant - Lawn Solutions Australia

Video – Using a Grass Colourant

What is ColourGuard?

Lawn Solutions Australia’s ColourGuard is a 100% organic and non-toxic grass colourant. You can greatly improve the appearance of your lawn at anytime of the year. ColourGuard is easy to apply, and one application can give your lawn up to 3 months of natural green colour. Say goodbye to brown lawns in winter and dry-looking lawns in summer!

ColourGuard Benefits

  • 100% organic (no harmful chemicals)
  • Easy to use
  • Works on all types of grass
  • Substantially reduces the amount of watering needed
  • Reduces the amount of fertiliser needed
  • Won’t bleed, run, or stain once absorbed into the grass
  • Stays green during droughts and water restrictions
  • Safe for the environment, pets and people
  • Works in hot, cold and frost climates
  • UV fade resistant


The ColourGuard difference

ColourGuard is NOT a lawn paint. ColourGuard is an organic pigment that is naturally absorbed by the grass leaf blade. This means you get to keep the beautiful natural green colour for up to 3 months. Protect your lawn Think of ColourGuard like a sun screen for your lawn – by screening out the harmful UV rays, but still allowing filtered light to hit the leaf blade. ColourGuard protects your lawn during even the hottest summer months.

The ‘need to know’

After you have applied ColourGuard, be sure to allow at least 2 hours of direct sunlight for the pigment to absorb. If your lawn is in a shaded area you may need slightly longer. ColourGuard is a permanent colourant, so it will only disappear as your lawn grows. Once ColourGuard has dried, it will not run or fade after rain. It’s locked into the leaf blade until it grows out! Directions: ColourGuard is very easy to apply. Always be sure to check out the ‘How to’ video for ColourGuard on our website before application for further tips and advice.

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