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Lawn Colourant – What It Is and How To Use It

ColourGuard is actually a natural plant-based colourant that allows your lawn to remain green all year round, even during droughts and extreme temperatures.

Benefits of using ColourGuard

1. Restores the natural green colour of your lawn – instantly!
2. Drastically reduces the need to water your lawn in periods of drought
3. Stays green for up to 3 months per application
4. Won’t wash off, run or stain
5. Completely safe for the environment, pets and people
6. 100% eco-friendly and non-toxic

ColourGuard has been developed to give you the best lawn in the street on drought, frost affected or dormant grass. It instantly restores the natural colour of your grass while at the same time increases your grass health.

What is ColourGuard?

ColourGuard is a natural organic grass treatment product that strengthens and protects grass under extreme conditions and instantly restores the colour. ColourGuard is the best option to re-introduce a green pigment back into the natural grass blades.  This has been achieved through years of research, being proactive is key to healthy long living green lawn.


How to use ColourGuard

  1. Attach your hose to the 2 Litre Ready To Use bottle, or mix the 100ml concentrate with water in a pressure sprayer as per the bottle instructions.
  2. Spray evenly across your lawn, working from methodically from one side to another.
  3. When spraying near hard surfaces like paths and driveways, stand on the surface and spray the ColourGuard away from the surface onto your lawn.
  4. Leave your lawn to dry for at least 2 hours afterwards (if in full sunlight), or longer if it is shady.

Buy ColourGuard online

It’s easy to buy ColourGuard online direct from the Lawn Store, in two sizes:

colourguard plus 100ml colourguard plus RTU

Frequently asked questions about lawn painting

How long before we can walk on the lawn?

Once ColourGuard has dried on the grass leaf in most cases within 2 hours provided there is full sunlight that day.

Colourguard spray

What happens if it rains?

Once the application has set into your lawn it will not wash ColourGuard away or cause any unwanted affect.

Can I mow my lawn after ColourGuard application?

Yes.  Providing you don’t set the mower too low and scalp your lawn. ColourGuard is permanent and will disappear as the grass leaf grows. Mowing through winter is only to remove and clean up leaves and debris from your lawn.

Want a green lawn all year round? Lawn Solutions Australia now has the answer for you! Contact your local accredited turf supplier to find out more.

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Weed Prevention and Fertiliser Bundle - with Handy Gardening Gloves

This bundle has a great combination of spreadable granular products plus a quality spreader to spread them out evenly across your lawn with.

ColourGuard Plus 2.5lt Concentrate

ColourGuard PLUS is a liquid fertiliser as well as a natural grass pigment that instantly restores the colour of your lawn.

ColourGuard Plus 100ml Concentrate

ColourGuard PLUS is a liquid fertiliser as well as a natural grass pigment that instantly restores the colour of your lawn.

Apply this 100% natural grass colourant to keep your lawn looking fantastic year-round.