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Gardening projects for this Easter long weekend

Are you looking for some gardening projects to tackle this long weekend? Whether it be a quick tidy of your outdoor spaces, creating a veggie patch, garden bed, or helping your existing plants flourish, we have put together a few project ideas that you and your family can create to make your garden an oasis.

Veggie garden

If you are a up for a bit of gardening this weekend, have a look at creating a veggie garden.

When looking to choose what to plant, look for seasonal winter veggies such as lettuce, spinach and beans. For more seasonal specific vegetable ideas for your climate, have a chat to your local garden centre to see what will grow best in your area.

The vegepod is a great option to consider when looking at installing a vegetable garden. These handy pods are designed to create an environment where your plants will thrive but are also waist height, so no need for bending over or having to get down on your knees to care for your veggies.

What if I don’t have enough space for a vegetable garden in my yard? Most veggies don’t have a large root system, they can be planted in smaller contained areas like pots and tubs.

vege garden

Wall planters

If you are up for a bit more of a project, vertical gardens create the perfect place to grow smaller flowers, succulents, vegetables and herbs.

These gardens can be upcycled from an old pallet and can be filled in with plants. Before you start, give the pallet a quick clean and remove or hammer in any nails that may be sticking out. Depending on the pallet you find, additional wood may be required to help create the pockets for the plants to go in.

pallet plan

After the pockets have been created, line with a thick layer of plastic or another waterproof material. This will help protect the surface that the planter will be up against.

You can then go ahead filling up the pallet with a good quality potting soil and add in your plants!

Gardening for the kids

If the kids are wanting to have their own little garden project, why not make a fairy or gnome garden!

For these little gardens you will need a garden pot, potting mix, small birds house to paint, collection of gems or rocks and little plants such as succulents or flowers.

The first step is to fill the pots up with soil and put in your plants. The bird houses can then be painted and placed in their new garden followed by decorating the garden with rocks, gems or any other small toys.


The Easter long weekend is the perfect time to give your lawn some much needed TLC. After facing some unusual conditions this summer, your lawn may be in need of a boost.

Fertilising now will give your lawn will get the nutrients it needs to help repair itself from damage caused over summer and give it the best start heading into the cooler months.

We recommend using a slow-release granular fertiliser such as our Lawn Solutions Premium Lawn Food. This is a slow-release granular product that will provide your lawn with nutrients for up to 12 weeks after the initial application. This product has been designed to not only improve the appearance of your lawn but provide the essential trace elements for a healthy lawn.

fertilise lawn


Fertilising your lawn is not the only way to help your lawns health improve. Aerating your lawn now will allow for better root growth and further thickening before winter.

As we have seen a lot of rainfall in the last few weeks, the soil base will be softer making aerating a less labour-intensive task.

When aerating the lawn, you can either use a garden fork, tyne aerator or hire a specialised aerator if you have a large lawn.

Add lighting to your garden

Garden lights not only hold practical benefits of illuminating your garden and outdoor areas but can add a stylish touch to help create a relaxed atmosphere.

For pathways, we recommend using solar garden lights that are on a spike. It is best to choose a stand-alone light that doesn’t have any above ground wires that can easily be damaged or mown over.

Decorative solar lanterns are a great feature piece for creating an ambient mood for after dark dinners. Or, if you are after a ‘brighter’ solution, there are lights available that can be mounted up high to light up an entire area.

After you have created your backyard haven, there is one thing left to do! Get out in the garden and enjoy your hard work!

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