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Mow less grass – Sir Grange (Zeon Zoysia)

Looking for a low mow grass.

Turf research in recent times has focused on finding new varieties of grass that have superior characteristics beneficial to the changing environment. Two key characteristics that researchers are looking for in new turf varieties include – low maintenance through additional inputs (fertilising) and low mowing requirements.

Enter Sir Grange.

Sir Grange (Zeon Zoysia) is a Zoysia Matrella that was hand selected from over 10,000 different turf cultivar varieties, with its superior qualities making it stand out from the crowd. Luckily for you, Sir Grange (Zeon Zoysia) has some of the slowest growing leaf growth of turfgrasses available in the world.

Sir Grange (Zeon Zoysia) is a very low maintenance grass when it is established and requires half the mowing of traditional warm season grasses.

Sir Grange (Zeon Zoysia) was developed by Texas-based Bladerunner Farms (under the name Zeon Zoysia) who have the largest privately owned zoysia grass research facility in the world.

Mowing Requirements

Sir Grange (Zeon Zoysia) was originally bred for the golf market and can be maintained between 6mm and 50mm and holds a beautiful appearance at all levels. The Sir Grange (Zeon Zoysia) leaf blade has a high silicone content making it very strong, this, along with its dense vertical growth gives Sir Grange (Zeon Zoysia) superior surface strength and appearance.

Key Traits:

  • Wide range of acceptable mowing heights for retaining grass health
  • Less frequent mowing requirements
  • Easily maintained with a standard rotary type lawnmower or cylinder mower
  • ‘Barefoot Grass’ qualities – soft, densely matted grass, great for walking barefoot on

You’re looking at mowing Sir Grange (Zeon Zoysia) every two-to-three weeks instead of every one-to-two weeks with couch, kikuyu and buffalo varieties.

Golf Course Applications

Two of the biggest projects in the world of golf have chosen to use Sir Grange (known as Zeon Zoysia in other parts of the world)

  • The Olympic Golf Course in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil: This course celebrated golf’s return to the Olympics after a more than 100-year absence, grassed with Sir Grange (Zeon Zoysia)
  • Bluejack National: Tiger Woods’ first golf course design in the United States, under construction now north of Houston, grassed with Sir Grange (Zeon Zoysia)

For a lawn that requires less mowing and fertilising, you can’t go past Sir Grange (Zeon Zoysia).


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