Grub Treat and Protect Bundle - with Handy Gardening Gloves

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Grub Guard Ultimate 4kg - Acelepryn Powered   +$85.00
Lawn Solutions Battle Insecticide & Termiticide 1L   +$60.05
Gardening Gloves   +$5.24
Lawn Care Spinner   +$4.71

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  • Battle Insecticide and Termiticide 1L

  • Grub Guard Ultimate

  • Year-Round Lawn Care Program Spinner

Protect your lawn from lawn pests with this one-two punch to treat an existing infestation and protect your lawn for up to 6 months. If you have noticed damage to your lawn caused by black beetle larvae or Army worm, this bundle provides Battle Insecticide for a fast knock-down treatment, along with Grub Guard Ultimate powered by Acelepryn – the best product on the market for lawn pest prevention in lawns.

We also include our brand-new Year-Round Lawn Care Program Spinner to help you know what lawn care activities and products to apply to your lawn throughout the year.

Products included:

Battle Insecticide and Termiticide 1L

Battle Insecticide is a powerful knockdown and residual pesticide that works through direct contact and by residual action as the pest comes into contact with treated surfaces. Battle is a liquid concentrate that contains the active ingredient Bifenthrin, plus a surfactant to help the product adhere on application. Battle treats a broad range of lawn pests including; Lawn Armyworm, African Black Beetle Adults, Subterranean Termites, Midges, fleas and ticks, Argentine Stem Weevil and Funnel Ants.

Year-Round Lawn Care Program Spinner

This handy spinner provides information for when you should conduct certain lawn activities on your lawn, along with the frequency and timing of lawn care products to help you take your lawn to the next level.




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