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4 Common Reasons Why a Whipper Snipper Won’t Start

Whipper snippers, or as some refer to them – weed whackers, weed eaters, line trimmers, brush cutters or trimmers – whatever you call them when they don’t start they can be one of the most frustrating garden tools in the shed.

More often than not the difficulty in starting them comes down to an issue with the carburettor, however let’s have a look at some other reasons why it won’t turn over before you think about cleaning that carburettor.

  • A dirty spark plug

If the central electrode is covered in dirt this can short out the spark so that it won’t jump to the outer electrode, which will mean you will struggle to start the whipper snipper – you can clean the dirt off with a tooth brush, or small wire brush.

  • The magneto isn’t producing a spark

Whipper snipper engines have a device called a magneto for creating a spark at the plug to ignite the fuel / air mixture in the cylinder. If you don’t get a spark at the plug and have tried a new plug and checked for loose wiring without success, this module may be at fault and need to be replaced.

  • A blocked or dirty fuel filter

Remove the air filter from the housing and check it for dirt. Wash it in soap and hot water, then allow to air-dry. If you’re just removing the air filter to clean it without doing any further maintenance or troubleshooting, it’s always a good idea to close the choke beforehand to prevent any dirt from getting into the carburettor.

  • Leaking primer bulb

if the material of bulb has deteriorated, it’s possible that it won’t seal properly against the body of the carburettor, resulting in an air leak. this will prevent the bulb sucking up fuel and cause issues in starting.

We have listed these reasons as common causes for reason why a whipper snipper won’t start, and they are easy to check. Small engines can be complex machines and it is recommended that if your whipper snipper doesn’t start after performing the above checks that you take them to a local repairer to have it serviced.

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