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Lawn Care 101

Lawn Solutions Australia is here to make life (and lawn care) easier, providing simple solutions for the perfect Aussie lawn.

Here’s the basic principles…


More weeds, means less room for grass, right? Pretty straight forward. But we seldom realise that if we have strong lateral grass growth, we can actually prevent a lot of weeds from appearing at all. So, focus on more grass for the ultimate goal of less weeds, by creating a thriving establishing lawn.


A slow release granular fertiliser, formulated to provide the necessary amounts of Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potassium (NPK) is the key to a successful lawn. By providing your lawn with these essential nutrients you will avoid poor leaf growth, weak roots and overall diminished plant health. A quick hit with just one of these elements, Nitrogen in the form of Urea for example, will perform, but at the detriment of the overall health of the lawn. If your lawn does appear to be struggling, as we say in the turf industry, ‘if in doubt spread it out’. Most lawns will require only 3 to 4 applications of fertiliser a year.


A lot of people get this one wrong. No, more water isn’t always necessarily best. You need to make sure you are watering at the right time of day (mornings are best) and for a decent amount of time (at least 30mins). A couple of times a week during the height of summer should be enough.

Less frequent, longer soakings will encourage a healthier more drought tolerant lawn. You will find that those who water like this will use less water now and even less water over time. Which is the ultimate goal, a nice lawn doesn’t need to come at the expense of the environment or your back pocket.


Some people love it, some people hate it. But at the end of the day regular, consistent mowing is what turns a good lawn into a great lawn. Don’t mow too high, don’t mow too low, finding that sweet spot shouldn’t take long to find with a few passes. From there you should almost be able to leave your mower on the same height for most of the year. If you can’t get out there and mow for a few weeks, always remember to only remove one third of the leaf height at a time. If you need it to go lower, wait a few days between mows.

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