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Baseball Field Trials Sir Grange

Sir Grange trial on a baseball oval at Robina Common on the Gold Coast.

A Sir Grange Zoysia trial square was laid in early September on the oval at Robina Common.

The photo below was taken on day 1 where it was heavily top dressed.

The Gold Coast had the water cut on oval irrigation for 8 weeks and had basically very little rain until mid-January when they received around 700mm and close to 1000mm for 2020.

As you can see now that the grass is established, it is obvious how the Sir Grange is holding up in comparison to the surrounding grass – Wintergreen Couch.

sir grange field

Peter Apps
Senior Management Officer Sports Facilities & Turfgrass

“The Zoysia looks fantastic, I sure haven’t seen any warm season turf that grows like it before.”

“If I didn’t know what it was I would swear it’s a good strain of Perennial Ryegrass at 16 weeks of age sown at a high rate and no mow since germination.” Mr Apps said.

Peter Apps comments are very encouraging, with Jimboomba Turf now planning doing more trials in semi wear areas and heavy wear areas with Sir Grange.

For more information on Sir Grange Zoysia and other Lawn Solutions Australia Sports Turf varieties click here.

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