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Lawn Solutions Sports Turf through its partnerships with leading turf scientists and turf breeding programs, have exclusive access
to the best new turfgrass varieties available.


New varieties exclusive to LSA Sports Turf

LSA is leading a turfgrass revolution with exciting new varieties for the future.

We have exclusive access to new varieties from the best turf breeders in the world, as well as our own turf research facility - The largest in the Southern hemisphere, based in Berry, NSW.

The turfgrass varieties exclusive to LSA Sports Turf have been proven in the USA, including top PGA Golf Courses and sporting facilities.

Scientifically backed by international research

These turfgrass varieties are the result of years of research and testing by the world’s leading turfgrass scientists.

Sir Grange and TifTuf have been scientifically proven to have superior drought tolerance, shade tolerance and wear resistance – DNA certified and breeder guaranteed.

Accredited Australian growers you can trust

When you deal with your local quality accredited Lawn Solutions Australia grower, you will know you are getting the best grass variety to suit your needs and environment, backed by our unique 10 year Customer Product Warranty.

Australia’s premier turf varieties for all sports turf situations

Sir Grange

The new 'star player' in the Australian golf turf market.

Drought resistance Very High

Shade tolerance Over 75%

Wear Very High

Maintenance Very Low

Leaf Fine

estimated cost $25 - 35/m2


Hybrid Bermuda grass forged by the worlds leading turf grass scientists.

Drought resistance Very High

Shade tolerance Up to 50%

Wear Very High

Maintenance Very Low

Leaf Fine

estimated cost $14 - 16/m2

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Driving turf to new heights

The Lawn Solutions Australia network of turf producers has an extensive R&D program that includes partnerships with some of the world’s leading turf-grass-research facilities.

LSA Sports Turf varieties currently include Sir Grange Zoysia, TifTuf Hybrid Bermuda, Trinity Zoysia and Primo Zoysia.
These turfgrasses have proven their superiority over other grasses and continue to impress professional golfers, sportsmen and women, superintendents and curators all over the world.

Sir Grange Zoysia

Sir Grange Zoysia - Lawn Solutions Australia

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Sir Grange is a successful product of these turf-grass breeders, thanks to its selection for good-looks and superior qualities. Sir Grange is a fine bladed premium zoysia matrella turf variety, which has high shade tolerance and very low nutrient and water requirements.

  • Hand selected from over 10,000 different cultivars
  • #1 selling grass in the USA
  • Successfully passed strict international research & development breeding process

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TifTuf Hybrid Bermuda

tiftuf grass


TifTuf Hybrid Bermuda is the product of almost 25-years of research and development from one of the world’s leading turf-grass breeders, the University of Georgia. It is a sterile hybrid warm-season Bermuda Grass that spreads by above-ground runners (stolons) and below ground rhizomes to form a lush-green turf.

  • Superior drought tolerance requiring on average 38% less water than other varieties and has been certified and issued with the Smart Approved WaterMark
  • Fine-textured, bright green turf with fantastic winter colour and spring green-up qualities
  • Shade-tolerant, self-repairing and more disease resistant than other Bermuda’s

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STRI – Independent Research



The Sports Turf Research Institute (STRI) conducts world leading testing and research for developing innovative techniques and products to improve turfgrass and sports surfaces.

STRI have conducted 2 trials evaluating the “Performance of bermudagrass cultivars under different shade, irrigation and wear treatments” and “Drought tolerance of Bermudagrasses under shade conditions” TifTuf Hybrid Bermuda was a clear stand out performer in these trials.

Check out the trial results here confirming the superior traits that TifTuf possesses.

Zoysia Australis

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zoysia australis fairway

Zoysia Australis is a tough and hardy, medium-textured zoysia grass with a beautiful blue/green leaf. Dr Brian Schwartz bred Zoysia Australis at the world famous University of Georgia, Tifton Campus. Dr Schwartz is renowned as the scientist behind the release of the highly successful TifTuf Hybrid Bermuda. Zoysia Australis arrived in Australia back in 2018 with a range of other elite zoysia grasses. Zoysia Australis was selected for commercial release after extensive trials in a range of conditions and applications. This is a zoysia grass that offers significant benefits and a real point of difference from the other turf varieties available to consumers.

  • Full sun to medium shade (minimum 4 hours direct sunlight per day or up to 70% shade).

  • Free-draining soils are recommended.

  • Can be mown as low as 10mm or left unmown.

*Limited availability – contact [email protected]

Primo Zoysia

Primo is a Zoysia Matrella that was bred as a golf green grass. With a super fine leaf and low thatch accumulation levels. It’s mowing versatility allows for cutting heights between 2mm -10mm.  Primo Zoysia requires minimal nutrition once established and can handle poor quality water with a salt index levels up to 17,000ppm.

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primo zoysia

The difficulty in buying turf for both domestic and larger commercial sites in the past has been that there has not been any independent quality standard or organisation to certify that the turf grown is done so to a certain standard.

That uncertainty has changed enormously in recent times with the adoption of a new turf accreditation program AusGAP.

The AusGAP program works with breeders and turfgrowers to help maintain that the turf-type that is specified or ordered is in fact the original grass-type that was bred and carries that brand.

All Lawn Solutions Australia suppliers are accredited by AusGAP.

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