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How you can easily create a luscious, low-cost outdoor entertainment area

  • A lawn area can cost less than a third that of other surface covering to construct
  • Edging for lawn areas and garden beds can be as varied as your imagination will allow
  • A quick fix for a tired lawn can be made with a lawn colourant like ColourGuard area can cost less than a third that of other surface covering to construct

We all want a place to relax after a busy day, and you can have one right at your doorstep! Before you start throwing pillows and cane furniture around, take some time to think about how you plan to use your outdoor area, the key things you’d like in it and importantly, the maintenance and upkeep required. A new lawn area offers a low-cost-per-square-metre option with construction costs at less than a third that of most hard surfaces like concrete, pavers or synthetic turf. (Source: Landscape Association of NSW). The ongoing maintenance with mowing and edging can be just a few hundred dollars per year depending on whether you do it yourself or get someone in – and the size of your lawn of course. You can’t really put a price on the easy-access for safe-play and exercise it provides for children and pets or simply to allow you to relax in the cooling, quiet oasis of your own backyard lawn. Remember, to have an appealing outdoor entertainment area, you don’t necessarily need to go all out with creative fixtures and gadgets. Sometimes less is more. Garden lighting is a simple way to add some atmosphere into your backyard. From practical to the pretty, low-cost lighting is a quick way to ‘brighten-up’ your lawn area. Low-maintenance plants are not only low-maintenance, but can look great in your outdoor area too! Plants like potted succulents and strappy grasses are drought tolerant and only need to be watered every now and then. Edging your lawn is another nifty way to add some life to your backyard. Edging can be done with pretty much anything, all it needs to do is separate your lawn from your garden beds.

outdoor entertaining area
Simple edging here with rocks or treated pine makes for a standout delineation of the lawn area

Trends come and go in this area but edging from steel to plastic, rocks to bricks and pavers and concrete; you’re only limited to your imagination to what kind of barrier will keep your lawn out of your garden and vice-versa. For more drastic effects, why not look at a retaining wall or even a raised garden bed or lawn area that will add another dimension to your yard. Different levels can better define your outdoor entertainment area and you can get creative with finishes, planting and lighting. Retaining walls can also help fix drainage or slope issues and dramatically improve your lawn’s appearance. It’s one of those larger projects that you may not be inclined to take on yourself, however; and if you’re looking at anything close to a metre or more, you’ll need to talk to a licensed professional. When it comes to a spot for the barbeque, flooring such as timber decking, concrete or dark pavers are an ideal base for an outdoor entertainment area. A tip here is to apply a sealer to ensure a low-maintenance paving solution, avoiding stains and unnecessary cleaning.

If you need a quick fix for your lawn for an upcoming function, why not look at a lawn paint, like Lawn Solutions Australia’s ColourGuard, which can be used on drought or frost affected lawns, and instantly restores the natural colour of your grass while also reducing watering needs. Perfect for an instant makeover for your outdoor entertainment area! Lawncare doesn’t need to be difficult and simple hints from Lawn Solutions Australia and their network of member turf growers and Lawn Solutions Centres Australia-wide can help with products to keep your lawn in top condition this autumn.

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