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Should I be using organic fertilisers?

Organic fertilisers are a great addition to any lawn care routine. Knowing which ones and when to use them is the key to getting the most out of them.

A good quality organic fertiliser will help improve your soil condition and the activity of microorganisms within the soil. It will also provide a good source of food for your grass with a range of additional nutrients included like Iron, Calcium, Magnesium and Sulphur.

Seaweed solutions, chicken manure, fish emulsions and compost are all good options when it comes to fertilising your lawn with organics. The main reason for this is that they are able to provide your lawn and plants with a slow release of nutrient as the organic materials break down.

Organic fertilisers come in both liquid and granular forms.


Blood and Bone, Chicken Manure or Fish Meal

Granular forms of organic fertilisers can be evenly spread across your lawn. Common types include blood & bone, chicken manure and fish meal.

Granular applications are much slower in uptake as they take time to break down, so they can last for many months. Slow release type fertilisers are great for the health of your turf, providing a slow consistent supply of nutrient, rather than one quick burst.

It is important to work on achieving an ideal soil pH and moisture level that will allow the granules to be broken down and provide nutrient efficiently.


Seaweed (Kelp) and Fish solutions

Liquid organic fertilisers have a far quicker uptake and are a great way to give your lawn a boost when it is needed quickly.

There are 2 main types of liquid organic fertilisers that assist the plant in recovery from stress and can increase root growth and leaf structure quickly.

Seaweed (Kelp)

Seaweed is probably the most popular form of organic fertiliser type and usually comes in a blend with additional nutrients like Iron and wetting agents included as well. Seaweed is made up of many different minerals that are great for our lawns. An important one in maintaining a healthy lawn is Iodine, which will aid in the defence against turf disease. The best thing about seaweed is its ability to stimulate microbial activity and improve your soil condition. As a result of this, organic matter will be broken down more efficiently, which will help to prevent thatch build up.

Fish emulsion

Fish emulsions are usually made up of carp and other by-products from the production of fish oil. Fish emulsions include nutrients and vitamins that improve soil quality and help promote deeper grass roots. Fish emulsions are a great addition to your lawn in early spring but be careful that you stick to the application rates provided as you can cause significant nitrogen burn to your grass if overapplied.

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