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How to Apply Fertilisers | Granular, Foliar and Hose-on

Fertilisers are a great way to help give your lawn a boost in nutrients, enhance growth and improve colour. In this blog, we look at three common types and how to apply them effectively (and in the required proportion) so your lawn can thrive.

Before You Apply Fertilisers to Your Lawn

  • Please note each brand and product type may have different application advice and recommendations. Always ensure you read the label instructions before application.
  • Before application, it is best to measure the area size you want to treat. This will allow you to apply the correct amount of product to the area size.
  • When applying, especially throughout the warmer months, it is best to avoid application in the middle of the day. Apply in the morning or afternoon to help prevent possible burning of the leaf. They are also best applied to a dry lawn, so ensure the grass is not wet or damp before application.

Fertilising lawn

How Do I Apply Granular Fertilisers to My Lawn?

Granular fertilisers are one of the most popular options. They are generally easier to apply and will provide nutrients to your lawn over a longer period as the granule will release nutrients to the lawn slowly.

Before application, calculate how much product is required for your area size.

When applying granular products, we recommend using a fertiliser spreader like the ICL Hand Held Spreader. This will help ensure you are evenly applying the granules over the area and will help avoid over-application. Alternatively, you will be able to spread the granule out by hand. When applying by hand, it is best to use a smooth hand motion to disperse the granules.

When spreading out the granules, we recommend walking in a crisscross pattern. This will aid in even coverage. When spreading the granules out, it is also best to keep the application rate in mind to avoid over-application.

After application, ensure you irrigate the lawn immediately so that the granules are watered into the profile to avoid burning your lawn.

For granular fertilisers, we recommend using Lawn Solutions Premium Fertiliser. This has a great combination of slow and fast-release granules to give your lawn a good upfront boost and will continue to feed your lawn for up to 12 weeks after application.

lawn fertiliser

How to Apply Foliar Fertilisers?

Foliar fertilisers liquids that are absorbed by the leaf of the grass, so they will provide a much quicker response. Liquid products are ideal when results are needed quickly and to help correct nutrient deficiencies.

When applying foliar fertilisers, like all products, it is best to ensure you mix up your application rate as per the label instructions for your specific product. Measure how much product will be required for your area size, and then add it to your knapsack or pressure sprayer and mix it with the required amount of water. When spraying, it is best to ensure you are walking over the area in a systematic approach for an even application.

For foliar fertilisers, we recommend using Lawn Solutions Exceed. Exceed has a carefully balanced NPK ratio to provide health and colour to your lawn.

exceed liquid fertiliser

How to Apply Fertilisers in a Hose-on Bottle?

Foliar products are also available in ready-to-use hoses on bottles. Ready-to-use bottles are particularly handy to use as you don’t need to mix up your knapsack or pressure sprayer; simply clip it onto the hose and spray it.

Before application, it is best to ensure you check how many m2 one bottle will cover and spray accordingly.

Exceed Liquid Fertiliser is also available in a handy 2L hose on bottle to help make application easier than ever.

exceed liquid fertiliser hose on

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