Thank you from Lawn Solutions Australia - Lawn Solutions Australia

Thank you from Lawn Solutions Australia

Looking back on the year that’s been is in some ways a hard one to do in 2020. Many of us would rather close this chapter as we head towards 2021 cautiously optimistic that there will better times ahead. But out of the darkness has been the shining light of a time thought past that has been reinvigorated by all this extra time at home. The Aussie backyard has been reborn! More of us have had the time, or spare funds from no longer dining out or travelling to invest in our homes and outside spaces. If you are going to spend more time at home you might as well enjoy it, right?

The effect this has had on the DIY industry in Australia has been phenomenal and it’s reminded us of the importance of creating a healthy space for wellbeing and relaxation, away from the complexities of our modern day lives. A time to reflect on the experiences we have created with our families, with a renewed appreciation for the lives we have here in Australia in comparison to other less fortunate areas of the world.

Gardening, planting, landscaping and tending to our lawns, have provided us with a way to be healthy, both through productive physical activity and through the improvement in our living environments.

Newer turf varieties like TifTuf Hybrid Bermuda have come to the fore, with the Aussie backyard evolving. Grass isn’t just grass anymore. Grass needs to be tough; it needs to be environmentally friendly; it needs to provide a place for families and social activities and provide the wow factor for appealing real estate. Lawn Solutions Australia is proud to be a part of this new wave of enthusiasm for the Aussie lawn and what’s in store for the coming years.

Lawn Solutions Australia would like to thank everyone we have interacted with through our social media pages, over the phone and via email this year. We love discussing lawns and providing advice and recommendations to help you get the most out of your outside space. We appreciate that many of you have had a difficult year and we hope that hopefully in some way we have made it a little bit better. We look forward to getting out and about again to interact with many of you in person (if safe to do so of course), with the Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show presented by Lawn Solutions Australia at this stage still going ahead next year.

melbourne flowr show

To all of the turf industry, particularly those who have experienced closures, layoffs and shutdowns this year, we are here with you and we hope you have a much better year in 2021. A year where we will hopefully be able to enjoy attending and participating in sport again on the turf surfaces that you work so hard to prepare and maintain.

To the nurses and doctors, first responders, essential workers, the delivery drivers and posties, to everyone who has played an important part in supporting our communities this year, we thank you. We thank everyone for the community spirit we have witnessed this year and we look forward to a much brighter 2021.

See you next year Lawn Lovers 

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