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Stuck at home? Self-Isolating not your strong suit?

Here’s some things you can do at home that aren’t boring!

COVID-19, 2020, you have outdone yourself.

Lawn Solutions Australia is committed to the health and wellbeing of our communities, our staff and network of turf growers. We are here with all of you during this difficult time.

Lawn Solutions Australia is dedicated to helping you grow and maintain a sustainable lawn. Your lawn is a safe space, where you can focus on health and wellbeing. Take this time to utilise your lawn for exercise, gardening, a place to meditate or even just to get some fresh air.

Is your lawn looking a little lack lustre? Too busy to get it looking like the lawns you see on Facebook? No more excuses! There is now plenty of time to rip into some lawn maintenance, mow the lawn a bit more often and get it prepared for the cooler months ahead. Trim the trees to reduce shade, rake the leaves, cut the grass with scissors if you need to… YOU HAVE TIME.

There’s heaps of things I’m sure you have been putting on your to do list that just keeps getting longer and longer. Don’t hide in the shed avoiding the list of jobs your partner has for you to do, get stuck in!

If the jobs are all done, then here’s 5 other things you can do…

  • You know those 100 films to watch bucket lists? Now is the time to tick some of these off the list. Better yet, watch some movies you know you can watch over and over again… Notebook anyone? Just me? Never mind.
  • Do a jigsaw. Get the ultimate jigsaw, I mean 10,000 pieces big, go big or go home or just yeah… stay home.
  • Read a book… an audio book? Maybe a podcast. Books might sound like a boring idea, but reading can provide an escape, it can provide knowledge. You might find this to be exactly what you need right now, and a book and some fresh air can certainly lift your spirits.
  • Host a live video party! You and all your friends or family can be together without being together! Schedule a time, get the drinks and nibbles together, deck chairs out on the lawn and pretend you are in the same place while getting the social stimulation that you need.
  • Get active! You can’t go to the gym, but you do have space out on the lawn and the know-how to do anything! (Thanks Google). There are some great training apps out there that can give you a cracking workout and you don’t even need any equipment.

There are many great things about lawns, they are beneficial for your health and wellbeing, the environment, for the value of your home and their visual appeal. Take the time now to provide your lawn with some lawn care, lay some new turf out if you need to or simply enjoy the lawn that you have either by yourself or with your loved ones. It’s not often you have the opportunity to focus your time like this, so make the most.

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