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Best Winter Lawn Care Cheat

  • Lawn paints can instantly improve the colour of a lawn with amazing natural-looking results
  • Lawn paints come in different types and plant-based pigment types are said to be the safest
  • Lawn paints can add quick colour to a lawn – ideal for a function or ‘for sale’ photos.

Lawn Paint

Lawn paint, such as Lawn Solutions Australia’s ColourGuard, can be used on drought or frost affected lawns, and instantly restores the natural colour of your grass while reducing watering needs. ColourGuard lawn paint is actually a natural plant-based pigment that allows your lawn to remain green all year round, even during droughts and extreme temperatures. So, what’s the catch? It sounds too good to be true! If you use high quality lawn paint then good news, there is no catch! ColourGuard for example, is 100 percent organic, making it safe for the environment, people and pets. However, using lower quality lawn paint can make your lawn prone to staining feet, clothing, and fixtures. Lower quality lawn paints may also not be natural or biodegradable. ColourGuard lawn paint allows you to boost your kerb appeal, ideal for ensuring your property is sold for the highest price possible.

A glowing, green lawn is also a must for backyard parties and BBQs, or for just showing off your lawn. When using ColourGuard, if you accidentally spray a hard surface, simply wash off the spray into the lawn with hosed water or use the cleaner solution available from the same suppliers. Your lawn will take about two hours to dry in full sunlight, or slightly longer if your lawn isn’t in full sun. ColourGuard is a permanent colourant, it will only disappear as the grass blade grows, it will not be washed off by rain or water, once the spray has dried. Other benefits of ColourGuard for the home lawn: – ColourGuard instantly restores the natural green colour of grass – year round – Substantially reduces watering needs and stays green during droughts and water restrictions – Is UV fade resistant and won’t bleed, run, or stain once absorbed into the grass – Is organic and natural – no harmful chemicals and safe for the environment, pets and people – Works in extreme heat, cold and frost – Reduces the amount of fertiliser and water used on lawns to achieve amazing results – Can be simply applied by the home-owner as easy as applying a spray fertiliser Early winter is a perfect time to apply ColourGuard so look into an easy cheat and get your lawn looking great – even over winter.

For further information on ColourGuard and where you can get it go to Lawn Solutions Australia’s specialty ColourGuard pages here

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