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Leave them on the lawn?

Autumn lawn care in some ways is a lot easier than it is during the warmer months, but what do you do with the leaves on the lawn?

Less mowing and watering giving you more time to focus on relaxing… you know like catching up on Game of Thrones.

There is one aspect of Autumn though that can lead to a little more work on your part. LEAVES. Lots of them. Constantly falling down and smothering your lawn and preventing sunlight from getting through to where it’s needed. As they decompose, they can get waterlogged, sticking together creating an environment that retains moisture and humidity which is the ideal situation for the development of fungal issues.

Now don’t get me wrong, I love Autumn leaves, the colours are great, and a few leaves here and there really accentuate the season.

But if there is too many, what should you do with them?

If you own a mulching mower that cuts up your grass into really small clippings and there’s not that many leaves on the lawn, then you can easily just mow straight over the top of them. The small leaf fragments will simply fall within the profile of the lawn and decompose from there. You may need to run the mower over the lawn a couple of times in different directions to break them up small enough.

If there are a lot of leaves, it’s best that you rake them up. They don’t have to go into the garbage though, they can be great used in garden beds or even in your compost.

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Need a new lawn? Autumn is still a great time of year to lay turf.

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