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How to Stop Creeping Indigo from Invading Your Lawn

Indigofera spicata

Creeping Indigo can be particularly annoying to remove from your lawn due to its large tap root. So, what is the best way to tackle this weed in your lawn? Let’s find out…

Creeping Indigo’s Identifying Features

Creeping Indigo is an herbaceous weed with flexible green stems and leaves arranged on alternate sides. The Creeping Indigo will spread out from all directions from its large tap root. The large tap root, unfortunately, can make it a difficult weed to remove fully.

creeping indigo tap root

Creeping Indigo flowers year-round. Its flowers are pink, pink-orange in colour. This weed spreads by seed, so removing it before the plant goes to seed will help stop it from returning to your lawn.

This weed is commonly seen throughout Southeast QLD, particularly in the Sunshine Coast and Brisbane, but has also been seen in northern parts of the Northern Territory.

Key Features:

  • Large tap root.
  • Grows flat on the ground.
  • Pink, pink-orange flowers 5-25mm long.

Creeping Indigo

Tips for Stopping Creeping Indigo

As this weed spreads from its seeds, getting on top of any Creeping Indigo before it goes to seed is best. If it has gone to seed, it is recommended to ensure you are mowing with a catcher on, so the weed seeds are less likely to spread across the lawn. It is also recommended to ensure you dispose of your clippings appropriately so the seeds won’t grow back.

How to Remove Creeping Indigo from Your Lawn

If the weed is still young, you can look at removing it by hand. You will need to find the centre of the plant as this is where its tap root will be. Then, gather the stems of the weed in one hand, and in the other, use either a narrow trowel or a long knife to help loosen the soil around the long root. Then, you should be able to pull out the weed and its roots gently. If you are planning to pull this out by hand, watering the soil prior can help make it an easier task.

Creeping Indigo needs to be slowly killed otherwise if it is hit with round up for example it shuts down quickly and doesn’t absorb the herbicide down to the roots. Repeated application of Dicamba-based herbicides can be used as treatment. However, it is important to note that Dicamba-based herbicides are not safe to use on Buffalo lawns.

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