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The low-down on grasses you can mow less

Would you like a lawn you can mow less? ‘Low-mow’ lawns are available. Mostly, these lawns require less watering and fertilising too. Maybe you’ve got an area that’s not as easy to maintain as others. Grasses are also available that can help in these areas, too.

Turfgrass breeders work on improving turf types to develop lower maintenance, reduced input and lower growth lawns. Some zoysia grasses can grow at half the speed of couches and kikuyus, therefore resulting in significantly less mowing.

Slow growth equals less mowing

A great example of a lawn variety that requires less mowing is Sir Grange. This is a Zoysia matrella variety that can tolerate high wear once established. The reason this turf requires less mowing is mainly due to it having a very slow growth pattern. Sir Grange grows slowly, as it uses about 20 percent of the nutrients of other varieties to stay looking good. A lot of the nutrients’ energy goes into Sir Grange’s extensive root system. Less energy is needed for leaf growth, hence slower growth.

Sir Grange is also great in areas that are difficult to get to for maintenance purposes.

Sir Grange will grow until it reaches a certain height (about 15 to 20cm). After that, it virtually stops growing and looks fantastic. The best part is you don’t have to mow it at all! Zoysia grasses by nature do not grow very tall, that’s why in tropical climates you often see ornamental zoysia as weed protection in garden beds, or in public spaces that councils wish to mow infrequently.

Other options for awkward areas

Other types of grasses that are suitable for hard to maintain areas, such as steep slopes, are mondo grass and centipede grass. These grow really slowly which is also good for some tricky areas, such as between pavers. Mondo grass is good for heavily shaded areas, but it’s not especially drought tolerant. It’s also not ideal for use as a lawn because it’s not very wear resistant.

Centipede grass is a low-mow grass, but according to the Queensland Turf Producers Association does not handle shade well and in southern Queensland at least, turns brown in winter. Centipede grass is also not very wear resistant.

It’s important to look at what grass types are appropriate for your climate and growing conditions. A Lawn Solutions Australia turfgrower can help in offering the right advice.

When to install low-mow turf

In an ideal climate, the best time to install slow growing grasses is the back end of winter, a month to a month and a half prior to spring, as this gives the turf time to bed in and settle prior to the spring and summer growth period. In colder areas though, this would be too early. You can contact your local Lawn Solutions Australia turfgrower to discuss when the best time is to install a low-mow lawn such as Sir Grange in your area.

A lawn you can mow less frequently sounds like a dream, but you can make it a reality. This type of lawn can be installed in any suitable area and is especially suited to areas that are more difficult to maintain, such as between pavers or on slopes.

These types of grasses are slow growing, which is why they are easier to maintain. Talk to your local grower about installing a low-mow lawn.

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