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Is a Rotary Mower Right for You?

Are you in the process of buying a new mower and not sure where to start looking? We’ve put together an overview of different types of rotary mowers plus a few mowing tips to help you get started…

Rotary mowers are one of the top choices for mowing Aussie backyards. There are quite a few different options including self-propelled, mulching mowers, battery powered mowers, and robot mowers. With so many options available it can be hard to know what choice is right for you.

How do rotary mowers work?

Firstly, let’s look at how rotary mowers cut grass. Rotary mowers have a cutting deck with rotating blades on a singular vertical pivot point. The size of your cutting deck will determine how much grass is cut with each pass. The typical mowing deck is usually around 40 – 55 cm in diameter.

Rotary mowers will usually have 2 blades but sometimes more. Over time, like any blade, it can become blunt, so you will need to either sharpen or replace your blades every so often. Rotary mowers will work best when cutting at a medium height.

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Rotary mowing tips

  • Keep your mowing blades sharp
  • Keep a consistent pace when mowing
  • Only remove one third of the leaf blade with each mow
  • Mow in different directions
  • Only mow when the lawn is dry
  • Mow your lawn regularly

Size of your lawn

When choosing a new mower, it is important to consider the size of the area that you are wanting to cut. For smaller areas you can get away with a smaller mowing deck and a heavier mower. For medium to large backyards, you will want to look for a larger mowing deck and possibly self-propelled to help get the job done faster with less effort.

So, let’s look at a few different mower options.

Mulching mower

Mulching mowers will cut grass clippings into small and fine pieces. These clippings will fall onto the grass and can be left to decompose. These clippings can hold nitrogen and can reduce the amount of fertiliser your lawn needs.

When using mulching mowers, it is best to ensure you are mowing frequently to ensure the clippings stay small. Only mowing when the lawn is dry will help prevent clumps of damp clippings sitting on your lawn.

There are a variety of mulching mowers available on the market. There are a few popular mulching mowers from the Honda and Victa mower range.

Self-propelled mowers

Self-propelled mowers have a drive system that allows the mower to move forward when a trigger is squeezed. This means the mower will move itself and you will simply need to steer it in the right direction. This can be particularly helpful when mowing up hill, if you have a larger area to mow or are simply wanting to make cutting your lawn a bit easier.

The Honda and Toro mower range has a few popular self-propelled options.

Battery powered mowers

Battery powered mowers are an eco-friendly option when it comes to mowing. With these mowers you will simply need to charge them before mowing. These mowers are also popular as you don’t need to pull starting cable to turn the mower on; most battery powered mowers will come with a simple push start button.

Popular options when looking at battery powered mowers are Victa and Bosch.

Robot mowers

One of the newer mowing options to hit the market is the robot mower. Robot mowers work similarly to robot vacuums. These mowers will work within a parameter set by you. These mowers will also have a charging station. The mower will automatically return to the charging station once the lawn is cut or if it is battery is low. There are a few different options on the market. Some can be controlled by your phone; some can mow up steep inclines while delivering excellent cutting results.

The Husqvarna Automower range is a popular option when looking at robot mowers. They have a great range available to suit all lawn sizes. You can find more information on the Automower range here.

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