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How to Plan a Lawn Care Schedule

Maintaining a beautiful lawn doesn’t have to be a daunting task. With the right plan and a little effort, anyone can achieve a lush and healthy lawn that’s the envy of the neighbourhood. That’s why we’ve created an easy-to-follow lawn care schedule that simplifies the process and breaks it down into manageable steps. In this blog, we’ll outline the essential tasks for each season, including fertilising, watering, mowing, and more. So, let’s dive in!

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What lawn care activities should I do in Autumn?

Autumn is a beautiful season that brings cool weather and vibrant foliage. It’s also an important time for lawn care, as the temperatures are still warm enough for active growth and ideal conditions for grass to grow and recover from the stresses of summer.

Fertilising in Autumn will help provide your lawn with the nutrients it needs to repair from the warm summer temperatures and will help the lawn stay healthier heading into the cooler winter weather. For fertilising, we recommend using our Lawn Solutions Premium Fertiliser.

Autumn is also an ideal time to apply a pre-emergent herbicide like Oxafert. When using Oxafert, it is best to time your applications just before the temperatures decline in your area, just before seasonal weed seeds germinate. This will usually occur in mid to late Autumn for most regions.

If you are wanting to help extend the colour of your lawn throughout the cooler winter months, we also recommend using an iron-based product like Iron Guard Plus.

Regular mowing throughout Autumn will also be essential to help ensure your lawn stays healthy heading into the cooler months.

mowing new turf

For more Autumn lawn care tips and advice, check out our Autumn Lawn Care blog here.

How do I look after my lawn in Winter?

Although your lawn will have slowed down in growth over Winter, you can still do some activities to ensure it stays the healthiest it can be during this time.

Over Winter, you shouldn’t need to water your lawn too much, if at all. In most areas, rainfall will cover your lawns watering needs.

If you notice any weeds coming through your lawn, treating them as they appear is best.

Throughout Winter, it is also recommended to increase your lawns mowing height up by a notch or two on your mower. This will help your lawn better absorb sunlight and nutrients while aiding the lawn’s ability to block out weeds better.

mowing height

During the cooler months, warm-season grasses are expected to lose some colour. The degree of colour loss will vary according to the aspect of the lawn and your climate. However, if you want to help combat this colour loss, we recommend using a lawn pigment like ColourGuard Plus to help give the lawn a green-up.

For more information, check out our Winter Lawn Care blog here.

What lawn care activities can I do this Spring?

Spring is a time of renewal and growth, including your lawn. As the weather warms up and the lawn starts to actively grow again, it is time to think about spring lawn care.

If your soil has become compacted, now is an ideal time to aerate your lawn. You can either look at using a garden fork or a corer which will remove a plug from the soil, helping increase oxygen movement, improve water absorption and more.

Now is also an important time to apply a fertiliser to help give the lawn a boost to help speed up new growth and establish strong roots from summer. If you want to fertilise in early Spring before the temperatures warm up, using a liquid fertiliser like Exceed is best. However, if you want to wait a few more weeks for the warmer temperatures to kick in first to apply a fertiliser, you can use a slow-release granular fertiliser like our Lawn Solutions Premium Fertiliser. These fertilisers will slowly release nutrients to your lawn, providing a sustained boost over a longer period.

Fertilising lawn

Spring is also an ideal time to use a pre-emergent herbicide like Oxafert to help prevent seasonal weeds like Summer Grass and Crabgrass from growing in your lawn. It is best to time your application just before the temperatures get warmer in your area. For most regions, this is around early to mid-spring.

Spring is also the perfect time to do a lawn renovation, especially if your lawn has an excessive thatch build-up, is suffering from soil compaction, or needs levelling. Completing a lawn renovation will also help bring out the best in your lawn. If you want to do a spring lawn renovation, check out our blog and video series for more information here.

How can I care for my lawn in Summer?

As summer’s warm and sunny days approach, it is important to keep up with your regular lawn maintenance as it continues to grow.

Regular mowing is always important. However, your mowing intervals will increase throughout summer to keep up with accelerated growth. As a rule of thumb, it is best to mow regularly enough so that only one-third of the leaf is removed with each pass.

If your lawn looks dry in-between rainfall, you may need to water your lawn. Some tell-tale signs that your lawn needs water can include:

  • Dry or wilting leaf
  • When walking on your lawn if a footprint is left behind, it is likely your lawn is lacking water
  • During hot weather, if it is dry and crusty

When watering, it is best to water for longer less frequently. It is also best to water in the morning before the heat of the day to prevent heat related evaporation. Avoid watering in the afternoon/night watering to help prevent the lawn from sitting damp overnight.

watering new lawn

For more lawn care activities you can do this summer, check out our Summer Lawn Care blog here.

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