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Summer Lawn Care

Summer is upon us! and so is summer lawn care. The temperature is increasing, and we are enjoying the outdoors, going about finding ways to cool down. It’s this time of year that it’s also important that we understand the effect the increased temperatures also have on our grass.

The trouble with some parts of the country during summer are extended dry periods – whilst other more tropical areas typically experience their wet season, so any advice needs to consider your current weather-pattern circumstances.

Changing a few little things now will help to ensure your lawn gets through the summer heat as best it can.

  • Summer is the peak growing period for most Australian lawn types
  • Regular deep-watering is better for your lawn than frequent shallow-watering
  • Regular mowing will be better for your lawn in extended dry periods

The key to keeping your lawn in top condition right through summer is a combination of the right lawn-type coupled with the appropriate amount of irrigation and care. Regular deep-watering to encourage a stronger and deeper root-system and an occasional nutrient-boost with a high-quality, lawn-fertiliser application will help to keep your lawn in top-shape for summer. The healthier the lawn, the less susceptible to weeds or disease it becomes and allows it to better withstand any long hot-and-dry-spells that may be soon headed our way.

When should I water my lawn?

Conserving water and getting the most benefit out of the water you do use, is the most important aspect of summer lawn care. Watering in the heat of the day will cause a lot of moisture loss due to evaporation. Watering your lawn in the morning or evening, will better allow the water to be absorbed and limit the amount of water lost to evaporation. It is also important to make sure you follow local water restrictions if there are any in place.

Mowing Principles

The key to your lawn mowing in summer is to make sure you are doing so regularly. You want to keep on top of the leaf growth, so you don’t remove too much at a time. Removing more than a third of the leaf at any one time, will cause stress to the grass roots. Minimising the amount of stress that is caused to the turf is especially important at this time of year. There is some evidence that states leaving a longer leaf on your lawn is better in some summer for your lawn to manage the heat, but there is also evidence to the contrary stating that a short leaf will result in less moisture loss. We recommend sticking to the length your lawn is accustomed to, and the length that you prefer. But don’t cut it so short as to scalp it or cut off excessive amounts of the leaf at any one time.

When mowing, do so earlier in the day or as the sun has started to go down again. The hot sun in the middle of the day is more likely to do damage to the freshly cut lawn, so doing so when it is cooler will cause less stress to the leaf.

In addition, a sharp set of mower blades will cut much cleaner and also reduce harm and stress to the grass, so make sure you have checked the blades and have replaced or sharpened them if necessary.

Grass Types

Choosing the right lawn-type is one of the main factors in how it will perform over summer and a drought-tolerant, warm-season turf-type like TifTuf or Sir Walter DNA Certified Buffalo, are the perfect turf-types that will handle a harsh Aussie Summer.

For more information on these turf varieties or for contact details of your local accredited turf supplier visit here.

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