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Did you know grass is good for your health?

Did you know grass is good for your health?

(No not that sort of grass…)

We’ve known for a long time here at Lawn Solutions that there’s nothing better than the smell of freshly cut grass. But it turns out there is actually a reason why we find the smell so appealing.

Australian researchers have discovered that a particular chemical or set of chemicals released by grass when it is mown has a positive effect on the way we feel. This chemical makes us feel happy and has a relaxing quality to it which is believed to be good for mental health and help to prevent mental decline in old age.

When grass is mown, it triggers a reaction where enzymes start breaking down fats and things called phospholids. This causes the formation of particular acids, which oxidise and breakdown as well and split into fragments. These fragments are what leads to the smell that is synonymous with cut grass.

To take advantage of this chemical reaction, scientists have developed a fragrance that captures the fragments of this smell, to help relieve stress and help to boost memory retention. Plus, it really smells like a freshly cut lawn!

Researcher Nick Lavidis, PhD, a neuroscientist at the University of Queensland, took 7 years to develop this fragrance which is known as ‘eau de mow’! The fragrance works by targeting the emotional and memory related parts of the brain.

If you too are looking to benefit from freshly cut grass then you best get the mower out more often!

Other grass related health benefits

  • Mowing grass is a great form of physical exercise
  • Natural lawns purify air which improves air quality
  • Grass traps and stores carbon helping to reduce the effects of global warming
  • Lawns purify rainwater improving groundwater quality
  • Many people say they find the process of pushing the mower back and forth meditative!
  • Lawns reduce noise and heat, helping to reduce stress

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