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7 Lawn products to make your life easier

Here’s some lawn gear ideas to make lawn life a piece of cake!

There’s got to be an easier way! And in most cases, there is. Weeding, mowing, spraying, fertilising – there are handy tools and products for your yard for almost everything. Lawns are pretty easy to manage for the most part, but anything that helps to save you some time is welcomed.

So, we’ve put together this list of handy items that are sure to save you time and effort in caring for your lawn.

Save your back with this weed puller!

weed puller

The Fiskars Xact Weed Puller is a great innovation for removing weeds effortlessly. Its simple and ergonomic design eliminates the need for bending, kneeling and using chemicals for the removal of weeds.

The deep reaching claws grab roots from all directions and remove weeds cleanly. The ejection system helps to release weeds after they’ve been removed from the soil, allowing you to work upright at all times.

Instant green lawn


Winter and drought make it a challenge to maintain a green lawn all year round. A way around this is to apply a grass pigment to your lawn. Now we’re not talking about painting your lawn or any of those silly memes with a bucket of green paint and a paintbrush. We’re talking about a pigment. The key difference is that a pigment doesn’t coat the leaf of the grass, it’s absorbed into it.  One natural grass pigment is called ColourGuard Plus, which also includes a liquid fertiliser to feed the lawn at the same time.

Killing weeds before they even appear!


A pre-emergent herbicide targets weed seeds before they take hold by forming a barrier at soil level that stops the germination of any new seedlings.

OxaFert is in granular form, and when applied forms a film at the base of the turf. This film kills new weed seed germinations, leaving your lawn free of crow’s foot, summer grass, winter grass, creeping oxalis, and others.

Mowed lawn without having to mow!


Husqvarna Automower® is fully automatic and works inside an electronic fence. When batteries run low, it returns to the charging station. After a one-time installation, which can be performed by your dealer, you’ll enjoy a more or less maintenance-free lawn for many years.

 Make spraying easier!

backpack sprayer

The Silvan 16L Rechargeable backpack sprayer is designed for spot spraying of large and small properties and is suitable for use with herbicides, pesticides or liquid fertilisers.

Powered by a built-in, rechargeable Li-ion battery, there is no pumping required. It also features an ergonomic, contoured design and adjustable straps for comfortable use and an easy to reach on/off switch.

Spread fertiliser and seed evenly with ease


The RYOBI 18V ONE+ seed & fertiliser spreader is the perfect tool for any stage of your lawn. You can precisely lay the perfect amount of seed to produce a professional lawn. The unit can then accurately spread fertilisers or wetting agents to keep your grass in dazzling condition.

Lawn Mower Cup Holder

mower mate

Last but not least, the lawn mower cup holder for those who can’t wait until they have finished the job. Perfect for holding your beer (or water) while you mow the lawn properly with two hands! Check out this one by The Mower Mate which comes with one of your choice of four stubby holder designs.

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