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Sir Walter DNA Certified Turf Installation

Sir Walter DNA Certified Turf Installation

Keith Diesel and Dirt Derby – Jet Boat Facility (Water Track)

Sunnyside Instant Lawn was established in 2006 at a small property near Mundulla, South Australia. Increasing client demand saw them purchase an additional 150-acre property in 2010 creating a professional team and a well organised turf farming operation.

In 2014 Sunnyside Instant Lawn became accredited members of the Lawn Solutions Australia growers group which ensures that customers receive the best suited grass types within the South Australian and Western Victorian areas.

Keith Diesel and Dirt Derby – Jet Boat Facility

The Keith Diesel and Dirt Derby has been running for about 6 years. A new Jet Boat facility was built at the end of 2016, which recently held Round 2 of the AFJSA V8 Superboats on March 24th, 2018 this year.

Sunnyside were approached in November last year by the Keith Diesel and Dirt Committee to effectively develop their new facility to stop erosion reoccurring on the tracks banks. It was proven that a dirt track was not a cost effective or time efficient way to manage the facility. Boat wake and propeller wash caused damage and mess during a previous event, so a more cost effective and easier management system was essential.

Project Overview

Andrew Rowett, Glen Simpson (Local Farmer, Committee Member), Matt Malthouse (Local Business Owner – Mechanics, Committee Member) worked together to manage the project and see that deadlines were met.

Earthworks commenced on the Jet Boat dirt track in October to repair the erosion and damaged caused from a previous event. The Jet Boat Track is filled through a 6” main line 1 day prior to each event and takes 2 days to drain via natural seepage afterwards.

Sunnyside Instant Lawn offered the facility their community support in supplying turf for the track mound sides (banks). Also, line planting the top of the mounds and surroundings areas.

 Sir Walter DNA Certified, with its high salt tolerance and wear resistance, was chosen due to the high salinity in the track water and irrigation bore water. The salinity level in the water that is used to fill the track is approx. 7000ppm. The salinity in the bore water used for irrigation is approx. 1800ppm. Sir Walter DNA was also used for its tensile strength – to withstand the powerful jet force that the boats create.

The Process

Sunnyside Instant Lawn completed the installation of Sir Walter DNA Certified for the facility in 2 stages –

Stage 1 – 800m² was planted over 1 hectare (high rate of material was used to get a quick establishment for events in March)

Stage 2 – Laid 3700m² Sir Walter DNA

 Follow up support was also provided with advice on the recommended fertilising programs and watering schedules to accomplish full coverage within 4 months. With such a short time-frame for completion, it was important that the follow up maintenance was carried out as recommended by Sunnyside, to ensure the facility was ready for the event to be held in March. Regular site visits were required for continued advice, monitoring and maintenance.

Additional turf was planted throughout the summer to create the pit area and sponsors marquee mound.

The Result

All parties were over the moon with the result and amazed at how quickly the Sir Walter established and grew to full coverage. The appearance of the facility with its green Sir Walter lawn was visually spectacular, incomparable to the dirt that previously covered the area.

Following the event on March 24, damage only remains where boats road up on the Sir Walter track mounds (2 corners only). No other damage or erosion is apparent on the track or the surrounding areas.

Three weeks following the event the Sir Walter still looks great. Application of calcium and gypsum have been recommended to counteract sodium and chloride build up together with irrigation to help flush through excess salt areas.

The next event to be held at the track is the World Titles for Spit Water Jet Boats in October.




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