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Video – Take a tour of a turf farm

Choosing the right turf variety is an important part of getting the best-looking and performing lawn you can. Making the right decision means you’ll have a beautiful and functional lawn for years to come. The wrong choice, however, can add unnecessary additional work for you and ultimately affect the look and appeal of your yard. Before purchasing your turf be sure to do some research to find the most suitable variety and also the supplier that can give you some surety that what you are buying is the genuine thing. Shade, temperature, usage and access to water are just a few variables that can greatly influence the type of turf that would be best suited to your location.

One of the best ways to find out what works in your area, apart from driving around and checking-out your neighbouring lawns, is to call to your local Lawn Solutions Australia turfgrower or reseller as a good way to help confirm your choice. You want to be sure the turf you are purchasing is of the highest quality, and is produced, sold and delivered to the highest industry standards. By purchasing your turf from an AusGAP certified producer you can be sure of this as they have passed strict compliance measures to ensure this is the case. AusGAP – The Australian Turf Accreditation Program – has been created for the country’s leading turfgrass producers to provide you with the assurance that their turf adheres to a stringent set of quality standards. The AusGAP accreditation system provides assurance that the entire production, delivery and installation of your turf is undertaken to the highest industry standards. Purchasing your turf from an AusGAP certified producer gives you the peace of mind that your lawn adheres to a strict set of quality standards, ensuring your money is being spent on the best quality turf available. You can be sure when buying turf from an AusGAP certified producer, you are getting the best turf available on the market.

All turf supplied by AusGAP producers is accompanied by a 10-year product warranty, the only such quality guarantee in the Australian turf industry. Certified turf grasses have been produced under industry best practice from start to finish, ensuring that all steps along the chain are carried out in accordance with AusGAP protocols and standards along with state and federal requirements. Each certified product has its own certificate so you can be sure you will never receive a substitute or inferior product. AusGAP certified turf producers work closely with leading industry bodies including Parks and Leisure Australia (PLA), Housing Industry Association (HIA) and the Australian institute of Landscape Architects (AILA). The AusGAP program is also supported and endorsed by Turf Australia and ITGAP, the International Turfgrass Genetic Assurance Program, the leading International turfgrass standards body. All AusGAP certified growers and their staff have extensive knowledge of their products and offer assistance and advise to all clients, be they commercial or domestic. So, to ensure your new turf is the genuine thing; always insist on AusGAP certified turf . . . and ask for the certificate!

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