Important Update: COVID-19 - Lawn Solutions Australia

Important Update: COVID-19

With the COVID-19 virus having a massive effect on businesses all over Australia, we just wanted to touch base with our valued Lawn Solutions Australia customer base about our turf manufacturing and harvesting processes and also the delivery of our lawn care products.

All turf produced by Lawn Solutions Australia Members is produced under the strict AusGAP certification process. Our harvesting and delivery methods already minimise human contact with turf through the entire harvesting and paperless turf delivery process. This also applies to the production and delivery of all our lawn care products, which are left with an authority to leave. When delivering our products the courier is directed to leave in a safe and secure place at your home.

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We are happy to provide a no contact delivery, just let us know when you place your order.

Lawn Solutions Australia is a group of 100% Australian owned family farms producing all of our turf products here in Australia using Australian suppliers where possible for all our inputs. There has been no effect to our ability to produce and deliver high quality turf products to our customers at this stage. We have been assured by our members across Australia that stocks are being managed without issue and it’s business as usual. This is just one of the benefits of buying from local Aussie Farmers.

All our Lawn Solutions Australia turf farms are taking every precaution to make sure our workplace’s remain a safe and healthy place for our team members and our customers.

We thank you for your support through these difficult times.

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