Husqvarna Manual Sprayer 8L


Versatile sprayer perfectly sized for smaller jobs or spot treatment applications. Durable compression pump with a steel rod and large, comfortable pump handle. Fitted with genuine Viton® seals for superior chemical resistance. The pressure release valve allows the manual release of pressure for safe emptying prior to opening the tank and will also relieve excess pressure to prevent over-pressurising. Tear-drop shaped tank provides low centre of gravity for maximum stability, and the vertical wand storage with protective nozzle storage assist in securing the wand to the tank.

Maximum PSI - 42 PSI. 

Genuine Viton® Seals

Viton® - World renown as an industry leader for high performance sealing delivering exceptional chemical resistance and long-term reliability. Tool-less repair or replacement can be achieved in minutes. 

Multiple Nozzles

The Husqvarna sprayer range come standard with a brass adjustable nozzle for cone, mist or stream, and low and high-volume flat fans. Also accepts TEEJET® nozzles. 

Reinforced PVC Hose

Durability and ease of use is guaranteed with an extended 1.2m reinforced hose and integrated strain relief to reduce over-bending or kinking.

Commercial Grade Shut-off

Featuring internal brass poppet and pin and a 635mm stainless steel wand with poly liner for superior chemical resistance. Comfortable grip; lock-on feature; and easy-to-clean, in-line filter.



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