Melbourne Flower and Garden Show - Lawn Solutions Australia

The Aussie backyard born at Melbourne Flower and Garden Show, bred by Lawn Solutions.

Lawn Solutions Australia is set to display our industry leading turf varieties on the world stage once again at the Melbourne Flower and Garden Show.

The partnership between Lawn Solutions Australia (LSA) and the Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show has been forged over decades, culminating in LSA this year proudly becoming the presenting partner of the show. With millions of Australians now having descended upon the Carlton Gardens, let’s take a look at what goes on behind the biggest flower and garden show in the Southern Hemisphere.

Flower shows- a brief history

The earliest Flower and Garden shows began in the 1830’s at a time when scientists such as Charles Darwin popularised the natural sciences and a fascination for new and exotic flora and fauna flourished. The 1950’s kicked off what is known as the ‘Golden Age’ of Flower and Garden Shows. With local shows starting in both capital cities and rural areas all over the world. The modern incantation of Flower and Garden Shows is truly international, with a worldwide audience for the major shows.

Melbourne Flower Show opened for the first time in 1995, offering a unique mix of living art based around the Australian lifestyle. The Melbourne Flower and Garden Show has quickly risen to become one of the top five flower and garden shows in the world, attracting over 100,000 visitors annually over five days at the Carlton Gardens and Royal Exhibition Building.

Offering a world class program from leading landscape and floral designers the show feeds directly into the most prestigious show on the international horticultural calendar, the RHS Chelsea Flower Show.

Enter Lawn Solutions Australia

Lawn Solutions motivation is of education, innovation and sustainability and is a perfect fit for the Melbourne Flower and Garden Show. Lawn Solutions own ambassador, landscaper and TV personality Jason Hodges has long had a passion for lawns.

Jason and his team at Greenart Gardens first entered Melbourne Flower Show in 2008. In his display he showcased Lawn Solutions flagship variety Sir Walter soft leaf buffalo and the garden won the Silver Medal. This was bettered by a run of four consecutive gold medal wins from 2009 to 2012. Including the ‘Sir Walter Buffalo Garden’ built around displaying the iconic variety. As a result of so many wins Jason was invited to show at the 2012 RHS Chelsea Flower Show where he was awarded the prestigious silver medal.

After several years of involvement LSA has become the official presenting partner of the Melbourne Flower Show for 2019 and beyond. Jason and his team in conjunction with LSA, Candeo Design and Semken Landscaping have designed a show stopping garden highlighting the benefits of the iconic Australian lawn.

This year at the Melbourne Flower and Garden Show Lawn Solutions will be showcasing the latest and best turf varieties, scientifically proven as the most tolerant and low maintenance in the Australian market. Sir Walter DNA Certified will celebrate its 21st year as an icon in the industry and be prominently displayed.

The Melbourne Flower and Garden show is a great stage for LSA to expound the many lifestyle and health benefits of a lawn for Australians. Flower and garden shows are a vital ingredient in the fight to educate and encourage a love of nature and environmental science and LSA is proud to play a role. Charles Darwin would be proud.

The Australian lawn has become an icon in the Australian landscape. Lawn Solutions Australia (LSA) is ensuring that Australians are provided with the most beautiful and low maintenance turf varieties in the country, developed over decades of rigorous scientific testing.

To showcase these turf varieties, in an industry first sponsorship, LSA has proudly embraced the role of presenting partner to the largest and most prestigious horticultural event in the Southern Hemisphere – The Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show.

melbourne flowr show

Well and truly putting the great Australian Lawn back on its pedestal as the centrepiece of all great Aussie backyards!

The Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show is the place where the best of the best strut their stuff and Lawn Solutions Australia, as the leading organisation in the Australian Turf industry is extremely excited to be a part of it.



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