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Types of Grass – Which Is Best For You?

Different grasses behave differently in varying climates and soil types, which type of grass is best for you?

  • Some are more drought or frost tolerant.
  • Others handle shade better.
  • Or more acidic soils.

What this means to the consumer is that there is no one perfect grass type for every lawn, and if you want to ensure a healthy, thriving lawn, you need to start with the best turf for your conditions and needs.

Finding the best lawn for your situation can mean making trade-offs.

  • Take into consideration the look and feel of the lawn you want.
  • What characteristics are important to you.
  • and what the lawn might be used for.

We can then help you find out what grass types are appropriate for your climate and growing conditions.

Getting Started

To get started, try selecting various options below to see the characteristics and strengths of each of our grass varieties. As well as general advice on which grasses operate best in different climates.

Then get in touch with your local Lawn Solutions Australia turf supplier, as they will be best placed to discuss what options work best in your local climate and conditions. Our network of members across Australia are waiting to hear from you.

Feel Confident in Your Choice

Once you’ve chosen your grass, feel confident knowing that all Lawn Solutions Australia grasses come with our unique 10 Year Product Warranty and that turf supplied is AusGAP Certified which ensures:

  • it has been grown and harvested to the highest of standards
  • it is free of weeds and disease on delivery
  • and will perform to its maximum potential in its new environment.

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