Buffalo Lawns in Smaller Backyards

How Sir Walter DNA Certified Soft Leaf Buffalo lawns can help in the future of smaller backyards

Looking to make-over your outdoor entertaining space? The days of the big Aussie backyard seem to be coming to an end with skyrocketing land prices and larger home-sizes putting increased premiums on housing-lot and ultimately backyard and lawn size. Over the past 20 years the size of the average allotment in capital city outer suburban subdivisions has dropped from around 600 square metres to just over 400 square metres. Big backyards, with large lawn and gardens areas were synonymous with Australian’s outdoor lifestyle, but have trended to smaller-sized yards and lawn areas over the years. Density targets have been introduced and, over time, lots have steadily have decreased in size, whilst at the same time house size has increased.

The result has been the gradual decline in the backyards and lawn areas we knew of yesteryear. Big backyards with pools and playgrounds are making way for compact al fresco dining areas and a lifestyle shift as people seek more low-maintenance outdoor spaces. Backyards it appears in the main are being converted to entertainment spaces, with backyard cricket and other outdoor activities shifting to nearby parks and playgrounds. These changes don’t necessarily mean the end of yards and lawns entirely, however it can become more challenging in their upkeep with issues of low light and shade. Most homeowners still yearn for a lawn area that gives the children a safe place to play and somewhere for pets to roam. And a well-kept lawn area – no matter the size – can be an entertainment focal point for any barbeque-type entertainment.

Lawn choice in these circumstances plays a big part in the determining factor as far as appearance and performance is concerned. Holding up to higher traffic loads, increased shade and at the same time requiring less upkeep, Sir Walter DNA Certified Soft Leaf Buffalo grass comes into its own for smaller lawn areas. Being a locally-derived species it is naturalised to coastal seashore environments but is highly adaptive to a large range of climatic and soil conditions. Sir Walter DNA Certified Soft Leaf Buffalo lawn was selected in the Hunter Valley region of NSW as there was a need in the market place for a high quality, shade tolerant alternative to kikuyu, couch and common hard-leaf buffalo grasses. The demanding Australian turf market required a lawn that would perform equally well in full sun and shade, with good drought tolerance, was simple to maintain and looked good – even on dwindling yard and lawn sizes. Today, the Sir Walter DNA Certified Soft Leaf Buffalo Lawn grass-type has become Australia’s most popular turf-type and the country’s biggest selling propriety grass with over 60 million square metres sold Australia-wide. Sir Walter DNA Certified Soft Leaf Buffalo turf tolerates salt, shade, cold, heat and drought. It performs well with less maintenance, fertilisation and water than usually required by other Buffalos.

Sir Walter DNA Certified Soft Leaf Buffalo turf has become a very popular homeowner’s and commercial grass, due to improved wear recovery, reduced weed problems and good performance with minimal maintenance requirements. When it comes to smaller yards, shade concerns and entertaining; Sir Walter DNA Certified Soft Leaf Buffalo turf and the performance it provides has allowed it to become the grass of choice.

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