Heritage Maxx Systemic Fungicide


Control and prevention of a broad spectrum to control turf diseases including – Pythium, Anthracnose, Brown Patch and Spring Dead Spot.

Consistent protection of new growth for up to 28 days after application.

Heritage Maxx allows for excellent tank mix compatibility with other fungicides. Low odour, non-staining formulation.

Heritage Maxx contains the active ingredient 9.5% Azoxystrobin. 

Application rate 60 mL/100 m2

Begin applications before symptoms occur when conditions first favour disease and continue applications while conditions remain favourable for disease development.

Heritage Maxx is the only systemic strobilurin that can be taken up by the leaves, crowns, and roots of the turf plants. The combination of xylem mobility, translaminar movement and even distribution within plant tissue, ensures that new turf growth is protected for up to 28 days. Heritage Maxx is best used as part of a preventative plan.

Apply no more than 2 consecutive applications over 21-day intervals.

Heritage Maxx Systemic Fungicide 1L.

Heritage Maxx Systemic Fungicide is a concentrate that requires mixing with water in a knapsack for application, with calibration involved in order to understand how much water to mix with the product. If you are unfamiliar with how to undertake what is known as 'calibrating' your sprayer, please check out our sprayer calibration guide here.

Product Label       Safety Data Sheet


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