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More Than Just Turf

Help with calculating lawn area and turf costs

Confused about how much turf you will need for your garden? Find your local Lawn Solutions Australia turf supplier to get expert advise on how to measure your lawn area, or read our online guide about how to measure your lawn. Some of our turf suppliers may even offer a service to measure your lawn area for you. Once the area of the lawn is known, all our suppliers can help you calculate how much turf and underlay you need, and provide you with a written quotation.

Turf installation services

Save yourself time and get the job done right by asking your Lawn Solutions Australia turf supplier to lay your new lawn for you. Lawn care professionals can take care of removing your old lawn surface, installation of quality turf underlay, turf laying, cutting, watering and rolling. They can even provide you with the right fertiliser and watering advice to ensure you know exactly what to do in the immediate days and weeks after installation.

Expert lawn advice

Not sure what to do about your tatty old lawn? Visit our Lawn Care area or contact your local Lawn Solutions Australia supplier for advice and a quote.

Buy lawn care products

Manutec Soil pH Test Kit

Is your soil pH up to scratch? Find out!

Dog Rocks

Dog's toilet habits leaving your lawn patchy? You need Dog Rocks!

Lawn Solutions Hand Held Spreader

Ideal for spreading fertiliser, Lawn Seed & Weed control products. Convenient flow adjustment, 3L Capacity.