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Playground Safety is Child’s Play for Sir Grange Zoysia

Sir Grange Zoysia Case Study – Nature’s Crash Mat

Woodchips and other mediums like sand are often used in playgrounds and swing areas as a low-maintenance ground covering, but they rarely stay clean and user-friendly for very long and in some cases have been found to suffer from contamination.

This is where the incredible versatility of one particular turf variety can provide a successful and visually stunning solution.

This turf variety is Sir Grange Zoysia. Sir Grange is a Zoysia Matrella grass that offers a level of versatility in turfgrass that has been unseen until recent years. It has a stunning fine blade and a beautiful dark green colour. But most importantly, it can be left completely unmown and still look fantastic.

Below is a practical application of Sir Grange at an Early Learning Centre around a play area. This area was a problem area, with woodchip and sand being used unsuccessfully before Sir Grange was adopted as a permanent solution. Much like local parks and playgrounds, this area needed to be safe for children playing, low-maintenance and needed to be visually appealing. Sir Grange Zoysia is the only medium that has been able to provide all of these outcomes and the owner of the facility is absolutely over the moon with the result.

Sir Grange Zoysia Natures Crash Mat
Sir Grange Zoysia Natures Crash Mat

“The kids love it, previously it was sand that blew everywhere, then woodchip that was always wet, full of rubbish and spiders, this stuff is like a big mattress and takes virtually zero maintenance.”

Often when we think about grass, it’s in the context of a lawn, sporting field or expansive park areas, and Sir Grange Zoysia can certainly be used in these applications. But its areas that we wouldn’t traditionally adopt grass where Sir Grange is truly providing an alternative floor covering and solution for troublesome landscaping areas.

Safe landing assured with Sir Grange Zoysia

Sir Grange is great in areas that are difficult to get to for maintenance purposes and can tolerate high wear once established. The reason this turf requires less mowing is due to it having a very slow growth pattern and limited height of growth. Sir Grange will grow until it reaches a certain height (about 15 to 20cm). After that, it virtually stops growing vertically and looks fantastic. This makes Sir Grange the ideal solution for public parks and playgrounds, council verges, roadsides, sloping areas, sporting applications like golf courses and in the home lawn and play areas just like this one.

Available Australia wide

When purchasing your Sir Grange Zoysia lawn, make sure you are dealing with a genuine Lawn Solutions Australia turf supplier.

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