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How to tell if you’re a lawn fanatic

We love the passion and enthusiasm many of you show for your lawns. There’s even a select few of you that take this to a whole other level. Are you one of these people? Do you leave your neighbours scratching their heads in spring when you seemingly destroy a perfectly good-looking lawn in the name of a reno?

How many of the following can you relate to?…

  • You have a range of photos on your phone of your lawn from multiple angles ready to utilise or show when required.
  • Every spring you seem to destroy a perfectly nice lawn with a reno leaving the neighbours scratching their heads as to why you would do that to an already good-looking lawn.
  • A lawn product schedule is pinned up in the shed to remind you when to treat the lawn with a specific product each season.
  • You sometimes vacuum the grass to remove clippings and debris.
  • The mower is kept cleaner than the car or is just as clean, but they are matching colours.
  • Mows almost every day and goes over the lawn more than once when they do.
  • Buys the postie a thank you present for not riding on their lawn.
  • Speaking of lawn care products, these are displayed in the shed so neatly and organised it looks like a stock display at the store!
  • You have had multiple turf varieties andhave completely stripped and laid new lawn so you can try out a different variety.
  • Your favourite thing to do at a BBQ is to comment on the lawn and continue to strike up conversations about all thing’s lawn related.
  • You fancy yourself as a bit of a ‘turfologist’ and have your own ‘turf research facility’ with a range of different grasses in pots or similar so you can see how they perform.
  • You not only find memes to post, but you also create memes to share with the large number of lawn groups and pages you have joined. Shout out to the lawn groups out there!

Let us know how many of these you can relate to or maybe you have a friend who like this, tag them in the comments! Have we missed any others?

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