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Keep Your Lawn Looking Good Through Summer

Summer is upon us and things are starting to well-and-truly heat up in some areas around the country so it’s a great time to get your lawn areas into shape while your grass is in its peak growing period. The trouble with some parts of the country during summer are extended dry periods – whilst other more tropical areas typically experience their wet season, so any advice needs to take into account your current weather-pattern circumstances.

The lead-up to summer for much of the country should have helped growing conditions with more rainfall falling in most areas than normal. The key to keeping your lawn in top condition right through summer is a combination of the right lawn-type coupled with the appropriate amount irrigation and care. Regular deep-watering to encourage a stronger and deeper root-system and an occasional nutrient-boost with a high-quality, lawn-fertiliser application will help to keep your lawn in top shape for summer. The healthier the lawn, the less susceptible to weeds or disease it becomes and allows it to better withstand any long hot-and-dry-spells that may be soon headed our way. And contrary to a lot of advice, regular lower-mowing through summer can also help with drought tolerance, with our recent research telling us that a shorter leaf area actually allows less moisture to evaporate than what occurs with longer grass-leaf blades. Choosing the right lawn-type is one of the main factors in how it will perform over summer and a drought-tolerant, warm-season turf-type like Sir Walter DNA Certified Buffalo, is the perfect all-round turf-type that will handle a harsh Aussie Summer.

Available from AusGAP certified Lawn Solutions Australia turf producers Australia wide, low-maintenance Sir Walter DNA Certified Buffalo is the favoured choice of landscapers, builders and home-owners alike. If changing your lawn isn’t an option and you need a quick colour-up then try out Lawn Solutions Australia’s fertiliser range to provide some quick vigour and colour to your lawn. And if dry or drought conditions are unavoidable and you have a special event coming why not look at the latest innovation for lawn care from Lawn Solutions Australia with their exclusive new ColourGuard instant lawn pigment. A simple hose-applied application and you won’t believe the instant transformation that this natural plant-pigment-based product can provide for your lawn. Lawncare doesn’t need to be difficult and simple hints from Lawn Solutions Australia and their network of member turf growers and Lawn Solutions Centres Australia-wide can help with products to keep your lawn in top condition this summer.

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