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Winter Grass still a pain in the …. ?

Prepare your lawn with Winter Grass prevention!

We are now in the warmer months, but you still have signs of the dreaded Winter Grass. We get people asking us how to get rid of it, but by now the chook has well and truly flown the coop and treating the Winter Grass will only provide temporary relief before it appears again during the cooler months next year. Winter Grass will die back as the temperatures rise, so treating now with Winter Grass Killer will speed up the process, but it’s not going to provide a permanent solution.

Once Winter Grass goes to seed (which it definitely will have done by now) it’s almost inevitable that it will return, taking you right back to where you started again next year. So make sure you use a catcher if Winter Grass is present whenever you mow to try and limit spreading these seeds further.

It may be too late to put a permanent stop to Winter Grass now, but there is another solution…

Oxafert Pre-Emergent Herbicide and Fertiliser.


Oxafert prevents Winter Grass emergence by targeting the weed seeds as they germinate. This means you can treat winter grass before it actually appears at all. This can provide a really important step to tackling winter grass and putting a stop to the annual occurrence. By applying Oxafert in Autumn you can get a jump on the winter grass before it spreads throughout your lawn once again.

Winter grass is a prolific seeder so if left unattended it can spread ferociously. The saying ‘one year of seeds, 7 years of weeds’ perfectly summarises what winter grass can be like in a lawn. Some lawns have a seed bank built up in the soil as a result of this prolific seeding and it can take quite a few years to get on top of it again.

So, if you have a bad infestation, a combination of both pre-emergent in Autumn and post emergent for treatment throughout winter will put you back on the front foot and should see you eliminate it from your lawn.

Put it in your calendar for Autumn now – ‘Apply Oxafert to lawn’

This time next year you will be glad you did.

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