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Lawn Care for High Traffic Areas

If your lawn receives lots of foot traffic or is used frequently by pets, your turf can often struggle to stay lush and thick. In this blog, we take a look at what you can do to help ensure your lawn performs at its best in high-traffic areas.

How Can I Help Stop Soil Compaction?

Aerating your lawn is key to helping stop compaction-related issues. By aerating your soil, you create more space for air, water, and nutrients to reach the root zone of your turf more effectively. A stronger root system allows the lawn to withstand stress better. By stopping soil compaction, if your turf does become damaged, it will be able to grow back to the area more effectively.

If your lawn is in a high-traffic area, aerating your lawn once or twice a year (depending on the extent of foot traffic) can help stop compaction issues.


Can Regular Mowing Can Help Improve Your Lawns Wear Tolerance?

Mowing on a regular basis will also help improve your lawn wear tolerance. Regular mowing will help ensure your lawn is thick, healthy and less susceptible to disease.

When a lawn is mown irregularly, it will weaken the plant while taking lots of the grass’s nutrients with it also. When this occurs, the grass will become weaker and more susceptible to weed invasions.

So, when mowing, ensure you take a small amount off the leaf regularly for a healthy lawn. As a guide, it is best to ensure you are mowing regularly enough so that only one-third of the leaf is removed with each pass.

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Will Fertiliser Help My Lawns Wear Tolerance?

By applying fertiliser to your lawn, you will help replace any lost nutrients and give the lawn a good boost in growth. Most turf types will generally need 2-3 applications per year of a well-rounded fertiliser, something like our Lawn Solutions Premium Fertiliser. We recommend an application in Spring and then again in Autumn to help the grass transition into warmer and cooler temperatures.

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Can Sunlight Help My Lawn Better Withstand Foot Traffic?

Just like other plants, grass needs sunlight to grow. When grass receives more sunlight, it will be able to grow at a faster rate and will be able to thicken up. When turf receives limited light, it will do the opposite. The turf will struggle to thicken up and grow slower, making it more susceptible to wear damage.

If your lawn receives lots of foot traffic, ensure your area gets plenty of sun. If light is limited, where possible, increase sunlight by pruning back any surrounding trees or shrubs that are shading the area.

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What is the Best Turf for High Traffic Areas?

If your lawn receives lots of foot traffic or is home to active pets and kids who use the area regularly, we recommend TifTuf Hybrid Bermuda. TifTuf has a beautiful, soft, fine leaf that feels great underfoot. TifTuf needs a minimum of 5-6 hours of direct light and is very drought-resistant. It also has a good wear tolerance and a fast-repairing nature.

Another great option to consider is Sir Walter DNA Certified. Sir Walter DNA has a soft broadleaf, is great with pets and kids, and is low maintenance.

If you would like some further information on choosing the best turf type for your home, contact your local Lawn Solutions Australia member. They can guide you through the process of choosing the best turf type for your home and needs.

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