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2019 must-have items for your backyard

Who doesn’t want to sit about and soak in the sun’s rays while reading, meditating or having a few quiet drinks? Here are some hot backyard furniture items that will get you out into the garden this spring.

Get comfy in style. Enjoy the outdoors in this spectacular looking lounge – great for you and great for your garden.

Outdoor Hammock Bed

This outdoor hammock bed is great for laying about in.

Start a new novel, or … siesta all afternoon, then watch movies on your outdoor projector set-up into the small hours. Wake at sunrise, rinse and repeat!

Swinging Egg Chair

Cocoon yourself in this luxury, swinging egg chair and enjoy some time out with the latest Booker-Prize winner.

You’ll need a flat stretch of lawn for this one. If you can beat the kids (or even dog or cat) to this retreat, hours of contemplative thought and relaxation await. Perhaps you’ll just admire your garden for a while.

Festive Lighting

You can create a carnival feel or modify the mood to fun and colourful to accompany your movie watching with these lights.

These lanterns are easy to install and add an instant lift to your outdoor space.

Don’t wait for birthdays or special events, make it happen today, or more importantly, tonight – and then every weekend.

Lawn Rugs

Hang on a minute. Do you need furniture at all? How about a rug?

Dust off your guitar and play in the sunshine or perhaps your kids would like to host their own picnic?

The Built-In Lawn Seat

OK, DIYer, you’re saying ‘What about me’? Well, may we present the built-in lawn seat?

Get out your shovel, get to your local LSA turf supplier for a couple of slabs of TifTuf or Sir Walter and plonk it onto your custom-built, in-ground chair.

These beauties are tricky to mow, but the longer the lawn grows the comfier the seats get.

How about a cantilever umbrella? One of these allows you to remain outside in the heat of the day. And it can shade your lawn (or lawn seat!), too.

Oversize Cushions

Oversize outdoor cushions. Your kids will love jumping onto these or maybe you just want to spoil your pooch?

Just because it’s getting warmer it doesn’t mean every evening is T-shirt and shorts weather. Some nights you may still need (or simply want) a fire pit. Make sure you check out your local rules and regulations.  Check out our safety tips for using a fire pit here and stock up on marshmallows.

Before you set off to grab a new piece for your backyard, here’s a few final lawn care tips: remember to shift the position of the furniture on your lawn periodically to keep it looking pristine. If the area around the furniture is compacted, aerate with a garden fork or aerating sandals to allow air, water and nutrients to the grass’s roots.

If you’re relocating your furniture, try to place it on an area of the lawn that minimises how much shade the lawn will receive.

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