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Australia’s Greatest Boatyard Goes Green

Dubbed ‘Australia’s Greatest Boatyard’ and for good reason, The Boat Works at Coomera on the Golf Coast, owned by Tony Longhurst, is a site to behold. The Boat Works, Superyacht Refit Yard has recently opened after a very short build time of only nine months.

Standing tall and proud at the new facility is the Gold Coast’s largest ship lift at 300 tonnes named ‘Rhino’. While ‘Rhino’ is the crown jewel in this remarkable new facility, it’s not the only impressive new element.

The new development has a conservation focus with the creation of green zones within the yard to soften the harsh exteriors with landscaping. Tony Longhurst is very much a greenie at heart, so implementing the new green and sustainable bio gardens was an essential part of the development for him.

Scape It QLD in conjunction with Barellan Nursery were responsible for the landscaping aspect of the project. The Boat Works have developed a long-standing relationship and mutual understanding with Matt and the team over the evolution of the projects they have completed together.

“Scape It have a terrific can-do attitude; they get the job done reliably and source the needs of the client” Marketing Manager Charmaine Webb said.

TifTuf Hybrid Bermuda Grass

When walking through the completed development the pops of green are an instant standout. The lush green that catches the eye the most – the outstanding new turf variety, TifTuf Hybrid Bermuda (couch). The main entrance and surrounding tropical gardens featuring this superior variety. TifTuf was selected for the works due to its excellent colour and water wise benefits. Mr Longhurst is extremely happy with the result and can’t wait to use TifTuf around the hotel that he is building on site also to accommodate clients.

Ms Webb said their guest and tenants are all taken aback by the TifTuf. “They all gravitate to it, take their shoes off and give themselves a foot massage – very amusing” she said.

“These green areas will be the spot to sit for our Superyacht crew after a hard day’s work in the yard on their boat. We will look to team the crew up with a bucket of Coronas and prawns while taking in the sunsets over the unique shipyard facility” she continued.

TifTuf is providing the environmentally responsible solution for projects that are after the most sustainable green solutions available.

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