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A Lawn Solutions Australia soft-landscaping success story

Lawn Solutions Australia member grower Twin View Turf received much acclaim for the finishing touches to the Riverside Green Playground project completed late last year. The project carried out by Eureka Landscapes came down to the wire as far as the turf was concerned with only a few weeks made available from installation to when the turf needed to be ready for access for a large-scale public event – the Riverfire Festival held at the end of September last year.

Eureka Landscapes Project Manager Heath Pyatt, spoke about the works on a recent inspection to see how the site was holding-up after an inundation of visitors to the area over the busy holiday period. “The site is still in really good nick and it’s held up really well; better than I imagined really,” said Heath on seeing the site again after a few weeks following handover. “This is a very high profile site and I’m fairly impressed with the Lawn Solutions Australias Nullabor Couch. It looked terrific when it went down and it’s stood up really well after a pretty demanding time over summer,” he said. Greg Mitchell of Brisbane City Council City Parklands Transition Services (CPTS) working with Eureka Landscapes, made the decision to go with one of Lawn Solutions Australia premium varieties Nullarbor Couch, in order to achieve the premium finish required for such a site and also meet the tight deadlines. “I was wrapped with Twin View Turf’s work and the quality of the turf when it arrived, said Heath on recalling that part of the job. “Service, Quality, Safety – the three big stars – Twin View Turf ticked all those boxes and you could see it in the finish of the work. I’ve never met anyone who can cut-in turf like the Twin View Turf guys. They even taught me a few things and I’ve been doing this a while now,” he quipped. “Even the Director was super-impressed with the finish and if the comments on my Linked-In page are anything to go by, there will be plenty more Lawn Solutions Australia Nullarbor Couch specified into jobs down the track” said Heath.

The area that was returfed had been problematic over the years and was difficult to keep any turf cover with high traffic and a poor-draining and poor soil combination adding to the woes, explained Heath. “We worked with CPTS to remove the top 200mm of topsoil which was quite heavy and clayey and rather than having to take this off site we used it for some shaping work to soften the falls in some areas. We then bought in around 200 Cubic metres of high quality sandy-loam mix and put this down over the prepared sub-base – including new irrigation as well.” “The three-week window to try and get it established was a big ask; especially at the start of Spring before the peak growing-season,” said Heath, “but we made it in the end.” All-in-all, the initial quality of the turf in the big Maxi-rolls, the Lawn Solutions Australia Nullarbor Couch Turf variety, Twin View Turf’s installation methods and their after-care fertilisation recommendations and program really made a difference and ultimately gave us the results we were after,” Heath went on to say.

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