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How to install a new lawn

Install your own turf – It’s easy!

Prepare your soil for new turf

Kill off any existing vegetation using glyphosate or a similar non-selective herbicide. You may need 2 applications to ensure all existing vegetation is completely eradicated. Turn over the existing base and remove any excess vegetation that has been sprayed out.

Once you have a reasonable amount of underlay levelled (we recommend at least 100mm), apply a starter fertiliser, this will encourage deeper root growth and really support your lawn in the establishment phase. Note: Sir Grange and TifTuf customers please contact your local Lawn Solutions Australia member for installation and maintenance recommendations.

Lay turf in a staggered ‘brickwork’ formation

Start by laying slabs or rolls from the furthest point to the entry of the yard and work your way backwards so you are not working over freshly laid turf. Place your rolls or slabs of turf around the perimeter of the area and lay between the perimeter. Stagger the joints in a brickwork fashion to avoid erosion and butt the turf closely together to avoid gaps as this is where your turf can dry out and cause a patchy lawn.

Cut and shape turf to suit your area

When cutting is required use a spade, sharp knife or shears, but don’t throw these off cuts away. When you have finished laying you will probably find there are a few unusual spaces to fill and these bits will come in handy.

Watering your new lawn

Water your new lawn immediately after installation. You should be watering every day (2 or 3 times a day in hot conditions) for the first 3 weeks, before reducing the amount to once every 2 or 3 days in the following weeks. Your first mow should be after 3 or 4 weeks, ensure slabs/rolls have attached to the soil.

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