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Weird Lawn Phenomena

From mysterious frost patterns appearing overnight to sinkholes and lawn ‘pimples’, some pretty weird and rare phenomena can occur on our lawns. In this blog we take a look at a few of them…

Leopard Print Frost Damage

Have you ever woken up on a winter’s morning to see your lawn covered in a weird, leopard print pattern? Frosts occur when there is little to no wind, clear overnight skies, and overnight temperatures at or below zero. The frost is caused by dew on the grass freezing, typically early in the morning before the sun rises. Eye-striking patterns can occur, particularly on couch grasses, when there are minor changes in the height of the grass. The older leaf can better tolerate the cooler temperatures than the new leaf growth, causing these patterns to occur. This is pattern is also known as unsynchronised dormancy in lawns.

Leopard Print Frost Damage

Have you ever seen a ‘Lawn Pimple’?

Lawn Pimple’s are a rarer occurrence that can appear during periods of heavy rainfall and when drainage is poor. These are caused by water becoming trapped underneath the turf and on top of the soil, causing the turf on top to rise, like a pimple would. These lawn pimples can be incredibly satisfying to jump on and pop!

lawn pimple


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Stinkhorn Fungus Smell Worse Than They Look!

Stinkhorn Fungus is not only an eyesore but also imitates the smell of rotting flesh on purpose! It produces a dark brown to black slimy and smelly material that attracts flies, who then spread the fungus spores! This fungus is common in coastal areas, usually growing between February and May. It will usually grow in areas where there is lots of leaf litter or mulch. Thankfully, the fungus is not considered toxic.

If your lawn encounters Stinkhorn Fungus and you wish to remove it, you can dig and remove the entire fungus. When removing it, ensure you remove the underground structure and dispose of it in a sealed bag to help prevent the spread.

stinkhorn fungus

A Ring of Faries Dancing

Fairy Rings are a unique sight to see! They will either have a full circle or arc of discoloured turf, with the perimeter usually much greener, surrounded by a ring of mushrooms! They will usually appear around 2m wide and can be found in forest areas but can also occur on grasslands or lawns. The mushrooms themselves won’t cause any damage to the lawn. However, it is the ring of discoloured turf will.

If your lawn happens to have Fairy Ring, you can find more information on treatment here.

fairy ring

Have You Ever Seen a Sink Hole?

Sink Holes are another fascinating phenomenon that can occur on our lawns. Usually, if there is a sink hole in a backyard, it is caused by either a tree stump not being removed, debris that is rotting within the soil, or areas not being compacted from earthworks in yards. This can then create empty space within the soil profile, causing the surrounding soil to fall and create a hole at the surface.

Below is a photo of a recent sinkhole that opened up on a sports field in Illinois, USA.

sinkhole illinois

You’ve heard of Prawns in the Ocean, But What About Your Lawn?

Did you know there is such thing as a Lawn Prawn? Lawn Prawns, also known as Forest Hoppers, are commonly found in healthy soils and will usually go unnoticed. Unlike normal prawns that love the water, Lawn Prawns will rise up to the surface during heavy periods of rainfall, where you will then notice them! These little critters shouldn’t be removed if present, as they can be quite beneficial to your soil’s health.

lawn prawn

For more lawn care tips and advice, make sure you check out our other lawn care blogs here.

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