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Spring Planning with Charlie Albone

Spring is finally here and if you are anything like me you can’t wait for the warmer weather to get the garden moving again and jump into some spring lawn care. Warmer days means more growth which equals pruning, deadheading, weeding, mowing and generally pottering around in the garden.

What I’ve Done Recently in My Garden

With spring comes a certain gusto, a reinvigoration to get out there and start a new project. I completed a new garden at my place last summer and it’s been settling in over autumn and winter. So I’m really excited to see the new growth starting and the gaps filling in. I designed the space for the whole family with the alfresco space out the back door. This area is complete with a BBQ, table, chairs and umbrella to protect us from the sun. This seamlessly flows onto the lawn, a TifTuf Hybrid Bermuda turf as I have two active boys and two active dogs I needed something that could handle the wear and tear.


Moving past this is the pool area and large surrounding garden beds with contemporary architectural plantings. I keep these safe behind the pool fence so the kids and dogs can’t bump into them and break them! In the pool area is a cabana complete with a roof top garden with spill over plants. This helps the space feel as lush and green as possible. I also have an infrared sauna that I use as an escape, I love the fact it’s in the garden so I can sit and look out enjoying the surroundings.

How You Can Help Your Garden Moving into Spring

Whatever your garden looks like there are a few things you can do right now to prepare the space for spring growth and moving into summer heat.

With my lawn, as its new I won’t dethatch it as it doesn’t need it yet. However I will aerate it and apply Lawn Soaker a soil wetting agent to ensure the water gets down to the roots. It’s very shallow soil in that part of the garden so getting water in and away quickly is a battle I’ll face moving forward. Top dressing with a sandy mix is a must to stop the holes from collapsing in on themselves too and helping with the soggy feet. Winter is a wonderful time for weed growth, especially in a lawn so applying  All Purpose Weed Control is a must when it comes to spring lawn care to stop any smaller weeds from taking over before they take hold.

lawn soaker
Lawn Soaker
all purpose weed control
All Purpose Weed Control

When I notice the lawn starting to grow again, I’ll apply a fertiliser such as Lawn Solutions Premium Fertiliser and then look at feeding my garden beds too. As most plants have been living off the soil I improved when they were planted it’s time to supplement this with an all-purpose long lasting slow-release feed, I also apply a liquid fertiliser as it’s taken up quickly and has rapid effects.

lawn fertiliser

After feeding the garden and lawn I’ll top up the mulch in the garden. All the predictions I’m hearing suggest we are in for a long hot summer (I’m glad I have TifTuf). To preserve moisture in the garden beds a layer of mulch 75mm thick. This will really make a big difference to the health of the plants. Don’t wait until you see signs of heat stress get on to it now as prevention is better than remedy. Applying mulch now is also great as your plants are about to put on growth. It is easier when they are a little smaller in size.

Regular Maintenance is Key

The more I garden the more I realise the importance of doing a little bit often rather than a lot sporadically. I have few pests in my garden as I’m always out there picking them off when they do occur. My clipped plants never get too bushy and out of control. The weeds are manageable – all because I do a little bit every couple of days. When I say a little bit, I mean 10-15 minutes every couple of days. It’s a great way to relax and too and something to look forward to when I’m working from home.

Having a space to relax, entertain, garden and enjoy time with my family and friends is something I aimed to create when I designed the space. It is something that I’m looking forward to enjoying in the new garden this summer.

For more spring lawn care tips and advice, check out our Spring Lawn Care Guide.

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