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Lawn Mowing – Getting The Basics Right

Tip #1. Mow at the right height for your grass type

The proper height for mowing your lawn depends on your grass variety, season and growing conditions. Below is a rough guide for the correct mowing heights for the major different varieties of lawn grass:

Grass Variety Lawn Mowing Height
Sir Walter DNA Certified Buffalo Grass 30-50mm
Sir Grange Zoysia Grass 10-50mm
TifTuf Hybrid Bermuda Grass 10-30mm
Eureka Kikuyu Grass 30-50mm
Platinum Zoysia Grass 20-30mm

Tip #2: Don’t mow your lawn too short

Don’t mow your lawn too short, as this can put your lawn under extreme stress. It can leave brown or bare looking patches on your lawn, and if cut too short regularly, can seriously deplete the lawn’s energy reserves and is an open invitation for weeds to invade and seed.

Tip #3: Reduce mowing height gradually

If your lawn is overgrown, gradually reduce it to the correct height over a few mows. Avoid taking too much off the leaf blade in one go as this can stress the grass and it may require additional irrigation to recover. Taking no more than one-third of the blade length each mow is a good general rule.

Tip #4: Mow your lawn regularly

Avoid long periods between mows – regular mowing is best. Keep in mind that your mowing routine may also need to change with the seasons. Sir Walter DNA Certified, for example, loves hot summers and will have vigorous growth during this time.

Tip #5: Keep your lawn mower blades sharp

Keep your mower well maintained; shape blades are crucial for a good cut. Blunt blades tend to tear, rather than cut the lawn.

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