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Are you losing the battle with lawn pests?

Lawn Solutions Grub Guard Ultimate Turf Insecticide delivers excellent preventative control against a large range of common lawn pests. Optimal results are achieved when applied early in the season at the appearance of overwintering adult pests.

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Covers up to 500m2

The long residual performance of Lawn Solutions Grub Guard Ultimate Turf Insecticide will provide up to 6 months of protection at the higher application rates. Curative control of pest outbreaks later in the season can also be achieved using the higher recommended application rates.

Grub Guard Ultimate Application

Lawn Solutions Grub Guard Ultimate Turf Insecticide is a ready-to-use spreadable insecticide granule. Measure the lawn area before application to determine size then weight amount of granules to apply over the area. Evenly spread granules over the lawn either by spreader or hand application.

Spreader application: The use of a garden spreader or professional spreader that can be calibrated for even output is recommended for optimal product performance. Use a drop type, rotary type or handheld spreader.

fertiliser spreader

DO NOT apply when the soil is saturated with water as adequate distribution of the product into the soil will not be achieved.


75 – 150 g per 10 m2 or 750 g – 1.5 kg per 100 m2

Apply the higher rate for:

  • up to 6 months residual protection
  • cases of high pest pressure
  • late in season when mature grubs are present for African Black Beetle (typically mid-December onwards)

Lightly water in immediately after application.

watering new lawn


Whenever you are using chemicals such as Grub Guard Ultimate, it is always important that you follow the safety directions provided on the product and wear the recommended protective clothing. So make sure you take some time to read the instructions in full before opening the product for application.

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Grub Guard Ultimate can be used on all grass types including kikuyu, couch, buffalo, zoysia and cool season varieties.

Grub Guard Ultimate prevents and treats a broad range of lawn pests including:

  • Lawn Armyworm
  • Lawn Curl Grub (African Black Beetle Larvae)
  • Argentine Stem Weevil
  • Billbug Larvae
  • Sod Webworm

Lawn Grubs

Active ingredients – 2 g/kg CHLORANTRANILIPROLE

Lawn Solutions Grub Guard Ultimate can be purchased on our online Lawn Store or from your local Lawn Solutions Australia Member or Reseller.

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For specific information for your turf variety and climate, contact your local Lawn Solutions Australia turf supplier.

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