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A Toast to the Aussie Lawn

The humble Aussie lawn provides the backbone for summer night festivities, BBQ’s with family and friends, a game of backyard cricket and a place to play for our children and pets. Our lawns have hosted many epic backyard games, with some great victories and a few sad defeats (possibly a few dummy spits as well). But whether we are celebrating or commiserating, the Aussie lawn is a great place to congregate and enjoy togetherness.

Backyards are a staple for young families and create a space for our children to grow and play. Many memories of first footsteps, birthdays, making of friends and development milestones can occur out on the grass at home.

Our lawns are a great way for our family and friends to connect with each other. They provide the perfect space for relaxing after a day’s work, teaching your kids about nature and insects that live in the garden and provide a space for our fur babies to stretch their legs, be entertained and explore the many sniffs on offer.

The Aussie Backyard BBQ

It almost goes without saying, but you simply can’t have an Australia Day at home without a backyard BBQ! The classic Aussie BBQ has brought people together for generations. Enjoying a meal cooked on the BBQ is the perfect way to sit back, admire the work you have put into your lawn and enjoy it with those around you.

Important message regarding sausage sanga etiquette – The sausage must go diagonally across the bread… this is not open for discussion. Unless you are opting for a full two slice sandwich with sausage in the middle, then you can be excused from this rule (I hear some of you saying, “what about the bread to sausage ratio?” I hear you, but who are we to judge.)

sausage sanga

Whether the onions go on top or underneath, well I’ll leave that up to you. Bunnings certainly have addressed this definitively with safety being paramount when it comes to sausage sanga construction (For those unaware the onions go on the bread and then the sausage at Bunnings). At the end of the day though, if it’s likely to get messy, out on the grass is the best place to be.

Newer turf varieties like TifTuf and some older favourites like the quintessential Sir Walter, have played a substantial part in facilitating our favourite backyard social activities…

The Aussie Backyard Cricket Pitch

Many of you may have turned your lawns into backyard cricket pitches for Australia Day, providing the foundation for the annual backyard match. Playing a game of cricket in the backyard is a great way to connect back with your family and friends and bring out the competitive rivalry. To find out how to make your lawn into a backyard cricket pitch check out our video here.

Lawns are not only good to sit back and enjoy but also show a sense of pride for your home.

The Aussie Garden

Our gardens are a great way to express ourselves, get in touch with nature and your lawn is the glue that ties it all together. Gardening and tending to your lawn are not only great hobbies to enjoy, but you can increase the value of your property in the process.

Better yet, if you really get into the lawn fanaticism you can show it off to family and friends. Or upstage the neighbours and the other lawn fanatic down the street 😉

Whether you have a backyard cricket pitch on TifTuf, a show garden with Sir Grange or the backyard classic Sir Walter, we hope your Aussie lawn has grown with you and your changing family’s needs.

To the Aussie lawn!

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