Couch Grass | When Should You Choose It?

When To Choose Couch Grass – What You Should Know

High maintenance for the homeowner

A manicured couch lawn can still look great in front of your home, however the time and effort needed to achieve this is relatively high. Couch lawns are more susceptible to both weeds and pests, as well as having very poor shade tolerance. As they are a relatively aggressive grower, couch lawns can also be invasive to your gardens or neighbouring lawns.

Ideal for large areas with high traffic

Whilst in some instances not being the ideal home lawn choice, couch does have traits that make it effective in certain areas. Couch thrives in full sun areas, and has very strong horizontal growth. This allows it to tolerate very low mowing heights. These strong growth habits also attribute to its ability to handle high amounts of traffic, whilst enabling it to recover quicker if affected by wear and stress. This makes couch grass suitable for large areas such as sports fields, golf courses and parks or recreational areas.

Choose a couch grass with a 10 Year Warranty

If it sounds like couch grass is right for you, make sure you find your local Lawn Solutions Australia accredited grower. Our Nullarbor Couch Grass is sold with a 10 Year Warranty – no other couch in Australia can boast that! Need help to choose the right grass type? Use our simple tool to narrow down the options.

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