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The Benefits of Choosing Turf For Your Garden

Turf is cost effective

If may be surprising to realise that laying grass is far more cost effective than once thought. Whilst alternatives such as artificial turf, pavers and sandstone do offer their own benefits, the initial cost outlay is significantly higher per square metre. And when you have a large area to cover, the benefits of turf is that grass is definitely a more affordable option, regardless of the variety you choose to best suit your needs.

Improved property value

Ask anyone in the real estate industry and they’ll all agree that a home with a lush green lawn is a draw card for property buyers. Laying turf adds to the value of a home, whether it is due to the way it offers people a cool place to relax on a hot day or simply due to its beauty. A recent survey revealed homebuyers pay up to 19 per cent more for a house with lawn. Now that’s a significant benefit.

Turf offers health and lifestyle benefits

The reality is that there will always be children who want to run barefoot on cool grass, kids looking for the ultimate lawn to kick a footy on and a family seeking a comfortable surface for a picnic lunch. Alternatives to turf absorb heat and do nothing for the environment. Did you know that lawn has the ability to act as a natural filter and helps to remove dust and pollutants from the air? And since turf is a non-reflective surface, there is no nasty sun glare to deal with either.

Confused about which type of grass to buy?

Find the best grass type for you, or find your local Lawn Solutions Australia supplier to get their expert advice on what is most appropriate for your soil conditions, your location and needs.

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