Combination Moisture, Light & pH Tester


Plants and lawns have individual light, pH and watering needs. The Garden Trend Combination Meter will enable you to make sure the position of your plants is not too sunny, or too dull, not too moist or too dry. 

Ideal for indoor plants and outdoor use.


Measuring the moisture level of your soil can help to ensure your lawn is getting the rainfall and/or irrigation it needs.


Sunlight is crucial for grass to photosynthesise, understanding how much light there is in a particular area at different times of day can help with turf selection and the performance of your lawn in relation to shade tolerances.


A pH reading greater than 7 is alkaline. A reading less than 7 is acidic. Soil that is highly akaline can cause colour loss and stunt the growth of the lawn. Acidic soil can cause wilting and poor lawn health.


About the lawn store

At the lawnstore we stock a wide range of lawn care products to keep your lawn looking at its best all year round. We don’t just specialise in buffalo lawn products, although all our lawn care products are safe to use on all buffalo lawn varieties. Our lawn care products work on all lawns no matter what variety you own.

Lawn lovers and Lawn Solutions Australia products
As well as all the usual lawn care products such as sprinklers, fertilisers and lawn care tools we also stock our own range of lawn care products. Introducing Lawn Lovers, a range of premium lawn care products designed to easily address a range of common lawn problems and give you the best lawn in the street. Lawn Rescue, Lawn Soaker, Grub Guard and many other unique products.

Sir Walter DNA Certified Buffalo lawn developed products
Although developed to work exceptionally well on Sir Walter buffalo Lawns you can use these products on any lawn variety to keep your lawn looking at its best. Lawn Solutions Australia Premium Fertiliser 4kg, Lawn Solutions Australia Premium 10kg, Lawn Launcher 900g and Lawn Launcher 3kg.

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