Professional Landscape Formula New Grass & Renovation



Ideal fertiliser when laying new turf or re-sowing. Nitrogen release is controlled thanks to the Poly-S coating. This ensures balanced growth and good root development.

 This Controlled release-based feed is ideal for laying new turf or re-sowing.

  • The high phosphorus content promotes root growth

  • The fine granule is ideal for even nutrient distribution

  • Safe for young grass minimal risk of scorching

Product performance

Turf Response: 7 days

Granule dispersal*: 7 days

Longevity: 3 months

Pack Size: 15kg

Analysis: N: 20% P: 8.7% K: 6.6%

Suggested Application rate: 20-40g/M2 2-4kg/100m2

Bag coverage: 375-750m2

*Visually dispersed from surface

Shipping and returns

Flat rate Australia wide delivery $14.95

Items will be dispatched the next business day

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